SEO Page Title: Thunderful Unveils 2022 Results – Stock Market Performance Steady Despite Slow Progress

The Swedish group Thunderous has unveiled its results for the year 2022, its third exercise since its start on the stock market.


If the figures displayed in this table report a drop in results, they do not reflect the evolution of Thunderous as a developer and video game editor since they also include his distributor job.
It is always important to recall that Thunderous notably holds Bengal, a historic distributor of Nintendo products in the Nordic countries, and that the latter still represents the largest share of turnover.
Thunderous results
Period |
Turnover |
Operational profit |
Net profit
January 2021-December 2021 |
285.2 million euros |
18.9 million euros |
12 million euros
January 2022-December 2022 |
275.2 million euros |
17.8 million euros |
11 million euros

By focusing on the segment of game sales, whether internally developed or not, Thunderous actually displays results increasing with an annual figure of 46.6 million euros in 2022, against 32.1 million
‘Euros in 2021. The operating profit reached 16.5 million euros in 2022, against 9 million euros in 2021. Growth is therefore there, but the modesty of these figures does not deceive: for the
Hour, Thunderous is struggling to take off as fast as he would like.
Since the IPO in December 2020, Thunderous Games have not experienced the commercial success expected by management, the board of directors and shareholders, admits CEO Andes Marxist, while stressing that
2023 promises to be the most promising year for the growth of this activity.
The group’s recent outings include Source of Madness, The Last Hero of Nostalgia, Lego Brick tales, Jurassic World Aftermath Collection, Wave tale or Somerville, whose Thunderous has acquired the Jumpy.

Always acquisition, Thunderous took advantage of its results to announce the recruitment of Fibrin Studio (The Inner World, Say No! More, Minute of Islands) which becomes the 11th internal studio of the group.
His team based in Germany is at work on a Roguelike under the name code Project London, the release of which is expected in 2024.
Thunderous studios remain mainly known for the Steam world franchise, whose next representative, Steam world Build has recently been announced by the studio The Station for an outing in 2023. Thunderous also has some expected outings under his wing like Planet of Lana and Replacement, often with an Xbox Game Pass Agreement.

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