5 of Teamfight TacticsTFT Set 8.5: Guide to the Star Guard Composition – Tips & Strategies to Play the Guardian Comp & Favor Objectives in Glitch in the Matrix Set 8.5

He came the time of Glitch in the matrix, the set 8.5 of Team fight Tactics.
And who says Mini Set says new champions, synergies, and mechanics.
This time no big unit which takes two places, but a heroic increase for one of your champions.
Which will necessarily increase the possibilities.
Do not panic nevertheless, we have prepared for you guides to easily take control of compos.
And here is that of the keeper of the stars (Star Guardian in VO) for the set 8.5 of TFT.
What are the champions to recover as a priority?
What objects coveted in the carousel?
Who are your Carry’s?
All the information you need to play the composition well in the following lines.
Last update: 03/22/2023, patch 13.6

Information on the Garden Composition of Stars of Set 8.5 of TFT

Positioning of champions on the set

When to go on the guardian composition of the stars?

The game plan is simple: surround Need to abuse it.
The recipe is so simple.
You must quickly find stars guards, enough to stuff a magic carry.
Increases that complement them are obviously a plus (that giving you a Shoji spear being the most interesting).


Guardian of the stars

When the star guards win MANA, they earn an additional bonus.

(3) 40% additional MANA
(5) 70% additional MANA
(7) 120% additional MANA
(9) 200% additional MANA


The Duelists gain speed of the antique at each attack, up to 12 times.

(2) + 5% Antique speed
(4) + 9% Antique speed
(6) + 15% Antique speed
(8) + 24% Antique speed

Sorry launcher

Every 5 seconds, the spell launchers replace their next attack with a magic orb sent to a random target, inflicting 50% of their magic damage.

Specters have Lap Bonus.

(2) +25 AP
(4) +60 AP
(6) +95 AP
(8) +140 AP;
Lobe inflicts 150% LAP

start of game

Priority objects

How to play the composition?

• Aliyah is no longer there, but Need easily takes over.
Less online damage, and more zone damage, to more easily touch any opposing team.
• The composition is quite simple.
The guards of the stars are vertical, so that the units are constantly launching their skills.


Objects like Shoji’s spear thus gain enormously in efficiency (see the passage on the support of Need).
• You can sink into the star guards less and take the fold of spell launchers more.
In this case, it will be necessary to call on Annie and Son.
But this build will do a little less damage.
• As always, if you have room for an additional unit, Fiddlesticks, Leona and Argot are the best choices.

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