Zhang Jiaos Triumphant Victory: How She Defeats the Witch Champion

Attention, Spoilers adhere to: After you last versus a witch champ, of program, where long: drop dynasty is far from over.
All type of more employer opponents in the Soulslike are waiting for you, such as Zhang Ciao, regarding whom this overview must be.

a flash of lightning

Like the previous boss in our small series of posts, his colleague of magic in combat, especially lightning spells!
Zhang Ciao is quite huge and therefore rather troublesome, offsets this negative aspect through the reach of his magic.
To name a few points, he can mobilize wind trousers and lightning.
If you are struck by them, they do terrific damages, yet luckily you can all obstruct them with the circle switch.

If you do not rely on the offensive, you can have the bulk of the work take control of while you concentrate on the defensive.
Keep in mind to affix specifically ruining strikes with the triangular switch need to supply you the opportunity to do so.
With a little technique and also great timing, in charge battle against Zhang Ciao is fairly viable and if you remain on the ball, you get it small in time.
We have already gotten to completion of our little employer guides.
If you require much more help for the more manager fights, please have a look at our various other posts on Where Long: Fallen Empire.
Until then, naturally, we want you a great deal of enjoyable in ancient China!
Do you still know a great idea for Zhang Ciao in Where Long: Loss Empire?
More reports on where Long: Autumn Dynasty.

Water as well as especially earth magic are suggested for this if you desire to fulfill the manager with magic.
With both aspects you can respond to light from Ciao’s lightning.
To make the battle a little less complicated, you can encourage your AI friend Sun with the well-known keyboard commands.


In certain, you need to look after the special assaults of in charge, which are revealed by their particular red glow.
Timing is important right here: If this makes you make it, you can do fantastic damages to the will display of the Will certainly Long employer.

In one of these strikes, he tries to get you.
With an additional attack, he hammered his stick onto the flooring and with the last variant he hurls a large projectile on you.
Every one of these assaults are well readable and can be blocked fairly quickly with a little practice.

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