Destiny 2 Eclipse Update Launched – Technology and Geek Culture Unite for Spectacular Launch

Was made available yesterday, the new major update of the Destiny 2. Game with Eclipse, this is for Bungee, the studio and publisher, an opportunity to refine the experience at the gameplay level in addition to adding a new
But be notified, this download is gigantic, exceeding the 100 GB. When the downloadable addition is launched, the bungee servers were taken by storm by the amateurs to the point where it was difficult to enter it at times.
On Steam, there are a touch of 300,000 simultaneous players during yesterday.

The witness and his most recent disciple arrived.
Start a journey that will reveal the hidden links that bind us.


Find out how to undo them and buy the power to weave them again.
Building on this new power, unite with other guards and triumph over destructive force.
The game is available on Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC in a cross-platform.
If the game itself is free-to-play formula so free, downloadable additions are chargeable.
Destiny 2: Eclipse is available in its version without the season pass under $65 CAD.

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