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Android proprietors have to bid farewell to one of the best cult games of all time-developer Radio eliminated Angry Birds from the Play Store.
The reason behind it seems absurd: the game just had excessive success.
With Angry Birds, programmer Radio has actually developed one of the most popular mobile games whatsoever.
Currently, the success video game seems to trigger problems for the studio in a strange way-it is just too prominent and also directs the interest of other Radio games to itself. With this unrefined thinking, the workshop is currently removing the timeless from the Play Shop.

Angry Birds: Studio removes mobile classics

In a tweet, the designer introduced that Radio Standards: Angry Birds will certainly be eliminated from the Google Play Shop on February 23, 2023, and also renamed Apple’s Application Store to Reds First Flight.
According to the article, the timeless influences the remainder of the studio in an adverse mean due to its success.
Players that have actually currently installed Radio Classics: Angry Birds on their device will certainly not shed accessibility.
According to the designer, everyone else can try the followers of Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Buddies and also Angry Birds Trip.
Take an appearance at the trailer for Angry Birds Journey here:
Angry Birds Journey: New ready Android and iOS

Comment by Gregor Helmholtz: Angry Birds is the victim of his success

Due to the fact that of his popularity is a negative decision, stamping Angry Birds.
The video game expense 99 cents in the Play Store-but the profit margin is undoubtedly not high sufficient for Radio.
The other Angry Birds games are free-to-play as well as therefore cluttered with the mobile-typical microtransactions-a principle that lowers more money.


Rather than leaving players the choice between the games, Radio reaches directly to the severe and also obstructs access to its most preferred and best understood game-with the purpose that all Angry Birds followers will emigrate to the various other access in the series and also spend a great deal of money there.
However, it is far from ensured that this computation will work.
Angry Birds is not the only game franchise business on mobile devices as well as players not just appreciate the classic level on the classic, however also the fact that there are no aggravating microtransactions.
Radio could not always generate the game from the Play Shop, however just cost a lot of followers.
In our post we show you the largest microtransaction scandals in the video gaming market:
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