How to Make Voldemorts Wand in Hogwarts Legacy: A Harry Potter Magic Guide

While Hogwarts Legacy tells an original story at Warding World, there are still many winks to the narrative told in the Magic series of Harry Potter, whether they are names or family places.
Hogwarts Legacy allows you to leave your legacy in the universe or follow the steps of legacies to come, such as the terribly evil you already know who.
Players can create an almost identical replica of their wand that committed atrocious crimes, and if you are one of the many who wish to replicate their style, this is what you need to know.
How to make Voldemort’s wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

Make Voldemort’s wand at Hogwarts Legacy

A few hours after Hogwarts Legacy, you will go to Hollanders to collect your wand, after having a replacement for the first segments of the game.
Welcome to Hogsmeade takes you to the famous wand manufacturer, and when you are in your store, it will give you the opportunity to do your own, which you will need to replicate the formula below to match the Voldemort wand:
Wand style-Gray
Type of wood-Tejo
Wand length-thirteen inches and three quarters
Flexibility of wand-additional
Wand nucleus-Phoenix pen
Fans will know this early, but Voldemort’s wand is actually the Sauce wand, an object of immense power.
It was used for horrible crimes in the magical world, but in Hogwarts Legacy, you may use it for a greater good.

Make Voldemort’s wand on Warding World

Contrary to playing the game, you can also replicate Voldemort’s wand in Warding World, the complementary site that allows players to determine the key aspects of their trip through a questionnaire.
All you need to do is make sure your Warding World and WB Games accounts are connected before starting and then taking the test.


Once the questionnaire completes, load Hogwarts Legacy and log in with your Warding World account to win your reward.

When you get to the questionnaire, you will be asked some questions, and you must answer them with these specific answers to get the Voldemort wand:
First, how would you describe yourself?
And your eyes?
Was it the day you were born?
-An odd number
Do you take pride more?
Traveling just a deserted road, you arrive at a crossroads.
Do you continue?
-Go ahead towards the forest.
Is that most fear?
In a magical artifact chest, what would you choose?
-Bright jewel
That is all you need to know how to make Voldemort’s wand in Hogwarts Legacy.
To get more information, move below to achieve additional tips and tricks related to Hogwarts Legacy.
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