Fredy122: Kois New LOL Coach Joins Team Vitality in the LEC and Proves Hes a Championship Owner

I was not a huge fan that there were three splits, but only a prize at the end of the year.
You now have MSI as a reward [for winter] that we didn’t have before.
However, in the past there were two prizes a year;
Two opportunities.
Now you might win all 3 of these mini splits and after that end up being second in the last.
And you wish to inform me that this group didn’t be worthy of to win at least a prize or something?
Because that could come true, which is really unpleasant for me.
We will see.
It is still possible for a very long time.
It will certainly be good for the total level to play more games on stage-there is no argument.
Plus and minus
This is definitely really warranted criticism.
I have the sensation that KOI truly got into shape this week.
You said that you had a break in December, so I just wished to discover your opinion about where to see the team on a scale of 0-100 %.
I think we have a long way to go.
I would say we come to maybe 70 %.
They might see from our game that often we still play too slowly on the map.
In my viewpoint, Agenda is still a type of rookie, so he still has a great deal of video games and there is just so much that we can teach him without actually experiencing these situations on phase.
Which will truly strengthen his learning in his brain.
He simply has to play, play, play, and we are driving him up so that he makes progress all year round.
There will be more for a very long time what we can accomplish with this line-up.
I enjoy hearing that you always go forward.
Mentioning Agenda: You have actually turned into a rookie from Andrei ‘Done Pasco, a veteran.
When he spoke with Marks’ Compatopoulos recently, he was rather thrilled about the truth that he may have a little more versatility when it concerns using a strong/weak side.
Apart from this option, how did the arrival of Agenda impact your characteristics as a team?
I think we were fine.
The good idea for us is that the character of Agenda fit effectively into the team.
He actually put a great deal of energy in Scrims and so.
And for the other 4 it is great that we have someone like that.
Do was always really excellent at huge moments-I would never state a bad word about him.
However, at the moment we are extremely satisfied with what Agenda brings.
In the course of the year-we don’t do this so typically at the moment-we absolutely want to open up or dip into the top depending upon the meta.

At the moment you can play Carry Tops, they are okay, however the power is again in the lower lane.
However, should the meta move, then Agenda is somebody who will have the ability to play crazy champs.
I eagerly anticipate seeing that!
The very last question: We saw how Kim Malian Geun-Songs In Zhao came out today-the very first look of the champ in one of the huge areas this year.
Can you tell me something about this choice and where it is in your meta-read?
I believe it’s usually not a very excellent option.
The situation in this draft was that they picked Middle while we had a scaling center and a bot Lane that is prone to Banks.
We just desired somebody to fight Middle and bring ourselves through the early video game, so we selected In.
We didn’t really practice it, we just believed: Yes, it looks excellent.

The reigning League of Legend’s EMEA champion owner KOI showed that he has the variety of Group Vitality not just in a best-of-one, however likewise in a best-of-three.
Koi-formerly Rogue-prevailed 2-0 against It in Winter group phase of the LEC 2023 and prepared a resentment in the playoffs against the domestic rival G2 eSports.
Although KOI came to the It series on paper as an outsider, it rapidly became clear that the squad-apart from the addition of Matthias’ Agenda Jensen in the top row-was mostly unchanged from our eyes compared to 2022.


According to the series, we took a seat with head coach Simon Fredy122 Payne to talk about the preparations for the coming week LOL-Patch 13.1 b finally arrived in the expert sector how the characteristics of the team altered with Agenda, burnout dangers in one
more compressed LEC format and more.
The PC gamer 24: Fred, thank you for joining me, and congratulations on your triumph today.
I just wish to start getting some thoughts from you about the games.
Fredy122: To be sincere, I felt great when I was available in today and I believe we had excellent preparation.
I believe Vitality is missing out on a couple of choices in the meta, which likewise assisted us to advantages-I also think that It has disappointed the very best performance.
These are a few things I wish to pick out-first of all the preparation.
What was this preparation in which you felt so great to get this week?
I simply had the sensation that we had actually checked out better at Meta.
Yuri is a champ that has been annoying us for years-we also played it extremely badly.
So when it was eliminated, it assisted and Harbinger is a champ that we didn’t especially like.
There were some things in the spot that assisted us.
To be sincere, we mainly prepared ourselves for SK since we played them.
So we didn’t understand what Vitality would play and what would not.
We just needed to prepare and see the other day, and we discovered that a couple of choices were missing out on [in Its Read], so I think we might actually make the most of it.
We took a look at what Heretics did and took some great parts away.
So yes, thanks, heretical.
Thank you heretics!
As you stated, we are presently dealing with the new patch, and they didn’t have much time to truly change to it.
What is the type of work that streamed into reading this meta?
It is really tough with nowadays off.
You simply have to take a look at the gamers extremely carefully, get their opinion and also follow their instinct-I would do that.
You likewise have a baseline from the last spot, so you can see which kind of nerfing or what was insufficient.
Furthermore, you have a concept of where there could be shifts of power.
Maybe, for instance, the nerfing of Harbinger in fact has a bit of champs in the area like Varus-these are the things you need to believe about.
It is constantly challenging to state.
I believe the essence of this brand-new system is that you need to find out a bit on phase and simply have to do what you can do on the days off.
Practice it.
Play it.
I talked to James Mac McCormack last week, and he discussed how the brand-new format shortened its days.
We have simply spoken a little about how this impacted how they tackled the new spot.
More normally, how did it impact how you dealt with the separation?
I’m truthful, I was ready for a change of format, but I am not the greatest fan of the format.
I believe it’s very effort.
Furthermore, I suggest, of course that sounds bad.
If you don’t be careful, you can be burned out extremely quickly.
We have to change to it.
We didn’t truly train for us in December since we understood that this would be a very intensive format.
I believe this may be a benefit that we have that we took a longer break at the beginning of the year.
However, yes, it’s a lot of work, so I got a little more intense to do justice.
You absolutely don’t have much time to look after problems outside and within the video game.
It is hard, but we have to adjust well so far.
Plainly how today has shown.
And apart from these elements, there were obviously other things that you did not produce with the format?

, so I think we could really take advantage of it.

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