Forspokens Surprising Success in Sales: How the Controversial Game Has Proven Its Worth Despite Mixed Reviews

When For spoken’s first reviews were posted, the reception was mixed.
Although some gave the game, many more canceled pre-orders.
A month after its launch, how did Luminous Productions go to sales?
Well, it seems that this section was not as bad as many expected.
Recently, a couple of lists were shared revealing the most successful games of the PlayStation Store during January 2023. Although the new property of Square Enix has not taken first place, it is located in second place in the Japanese store, and
He reached the seventh place in the United States and Canada region.
For its part, the NPD Group, an organization that is responsible for collecting information on the sale of games in the United States, revealed that For spoken was the seventh most successful game in January in this region.
Of the new releases, he surpassed One Piece: Odyssey, but was behind Fire emblem engagement and the remake of Dead Space.
While sales were not so high, they weren’t bad either.
Now we only have to wait for Square Enix to share official information about it.

On related issues, you can check our For spoken review here.
Similarly, this game will receive more updates.
Editor’s note:
For spoken is not a bad game.


On the contrary.
However, it is also true that this delivery could be better in several sections.
I just hope that Luminous Productions does not give up, and his next project takes everything that worked here, and improves it.

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