A Look Into TSMs Monologue and the Backlash Against LeTigress: An Analysis of the LCS Broadcasting Teams Segment on Feb. 3


On Feb. 3, the LCS broadcasting group aired a segment tackling the long history of TSM and Double lift. At the leading edge of the segment, the show runners put work harassment from 2022 and all legalities that developed from it. Facing backlash from the neighborhood, the LCS team said sorry today.

The official LCS Twitter issued a main apology to present and previous TSM staff and gamers, including Double lift, and the entire LCS neighborhood. In the tweet, it is described how the segment was only implied to examine the long history in between Double lift and TSM, but it didn’t meet its own requirements for content.

The group likewise guaranteed to have a sharper filter in the future to prevent such sectors ever seeing the light of day. This was a miss from us, and moving on, the LCS will apply a sharper filter to our editorial segments, the LCS stated.

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The LCS broadcast is a synergy. It is not the fault of one person when we make errors on the broadcast. Ultimately, we are the ones responsible for the content of our programs. As a valued member of the LCS group, Tigress continues to have our complete assistance, and we best regards regret the negative impact our error has had on her, the LCS said.

The LCS described how this segment wasn’t a single persons concept and doing, and was rather a group effort and must be treated.

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Gabby Tigress Burden, the caster who was included in the TSM and Double lift segment, instantly said sorry to the community and everybody affected, however the remarks directed at her were still of hostile nature.

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