2023 LEC Summer Split: Nisqys Pentakill Powers MAD Lions to Joint First with Team Vitality

While MAD Lions couldn’t immediately end the video game, the change of pace allowed them to restore control over the entire Rift and holler on to victory. Within a few minutes, team heretics last defenses fallen apart, providing Risky and his colleagues. Their 6th win of the season.

MAD Lions are now incorporated top place with Group Vitality. Because the 2 won’t meet tomorrow during the last day of the regular season, they will need to beat G2 Esports in their first meeting of the year and wish for the last-placed Excel to take down Team Vitality if they desire to take the sole lead.

In what seemed to be the last minutes of the video game, MAD Lions pulled off a stunning group mix to take down their opponents. Risky had actually simply respawned, and in a matter of seconds, he struck down the whole enemy team with his Silas– beginning by utilizing the enemy Ashes stolen ultimate.

Risky, the LEC Summer Split MVP of 2022 clutched a game scoring the first entails of the 2023 season as MAD Lions were struggling to include Group Heretics. With the game and the series reversed, they are now tied for first with Team Vitality in the league.

MAD Lions were having a hard time to keep the upper hand on the Rift throughout the match. Although they acquired the Ocean Drake Soul, they might not develop their rhythm in the video game, leaving Heretics area to acquire map control and ultimately enter their base.


Seeing his mid later leaping behind opponent lines, Hissing connected his Yuri to Disqus Silas, increasing the chained champions’ ability power and healing him throughout the battle. MAD Lions group effort awarded Risky with his very first entails and altered the fate of the video game.

At that point, Group Heretics were close to ending the game and were more than 5k gold ahead, pushing into the opponents base with the Baron enthusiast– but with all their players helplessly enjoying a gray screen, Risky teleported into their base and took down the inhibitor in the top lane.

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