Solve a Frozen Puzzle on a Bridge in Hogwarts Legacy – Unlock the Secrets of Hogwarts Heritage and Collect Powerful Equipment

Hogwarts’s heritage is full of secrets that need to be opened, and the puzzles that need to be solved, and thus, can simply collect some special prey, such as a powerful equipment or appearance, which you can change your equipment.
You may have noticed one riddle on the Viaduct Courtyard bridge, where you can rotate gears associated with fried fries on both sides.
However, you must pay attention to all small details to collect it together.
We compiled this leadership to help you figure it out step by step.

How to solve a puzzle with a fire on a bridge in the courtyard of Viaduct in the Ho tarts Heritage

The viaduct-bridge connects a large hall with an extension of the library.
You can find it on your map and get an easier access to it with Flew Quick Travel.
On the bridge you will notice fried fries on both sides with interesting signs under them.
Each brazier has a certain symbol, and when you interact with them, it switches a dial with Roman numerals connected to the brazier.
The first step to the solution of this puzzle is to find a sign on the ground showing what numbers you need to compare with each symbol.
You will notice them at both ends of the bridge.
Looking at the plate, you will notice that under each symbol there is a number.
This is what you will need to switch every brazier to unlock the secret.
However, you will notice that you cannot rotate dials on fried without fire.

Currently, only one roasting that you can switch is burning.


You will need to use a fiery spell to light the rest.
You can study Intended, following the main quests.
Furthermore, you have to discuss what the professor of FIG found about the medallion, and complete the additional task from Professor Hecate.
Having received a spell, return to the bridge and use it to light the rest of the brazier.
Now you can rotate dials accordingly.
After the plate, each dial should be switched as follows:
Triangle: 1
Double circles and wand: 2
Triangle with crossroads: 3
Diamond with crossed sticks: 4
As soon as all the braziers have the right numbers corresponding to the symbols, the plate on the ground will open, showing the staircase along which you can go down.
Below you will find several chests, including a large chest with a higher level.
You will also complete the task Research.
Carefully follow new details and puzzles that need to be solved in the castle.
They often lead to valuable production for your character and note unique tests, which also offer awards.
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