How to Plant a Flux in Hogwarts Legacy: Tips to Combat Poachers, Spiders, and Inferies

If you need additional help in the destruction of poachers, spiders or injuries in the Hogwarts Heritage, you can try to use more plants and potions in battle.
Potions of concentration, in particular, will help reduce the time of reloading your spells.
If you want to cook this potion, you will need Fluxed stalks, and the best way to get them is to grow them.
To do this, you will need a special large pot in your room requirements.
Here’s how to plant Fluxed in Hogwarts Legacy.

where to get a large pot in Hogwarts Legacy

Flushed plants require large pots to grow plants.
To call them, you will need to buy one of the two spells Calling a large pot of volumes and scrolls in Hogs mid.
A potted table with a one large pot spell costs 1000 galleons and will allow you to grow one plant at a time.
A potter with two large spell craft pots can be bought for a colossal 3,000 galleons, but it will allow you to grow two plants at the same time.
After you received a spell, you will need to make a creation spell in your room in order to create a pot.
It can be found in the witchcraft menu by choosing large pottering tables with herbology, the central icon on the left side of the menu.
It looks like a large tree.

where to buy flux seeds in Hogwarts Legacy

After you create a pot of the right size, you will need to buy flux seeds in the store.
Magic NIP in Hogs mid.


Plus seeds are 350 galleons.
If you bought it once, you will never have to buy them again.
Fluxed landing will be unlocked forever.

Planting and growing flux stalks in Hogwarts Legacy

Having received these items, you can grow your own Fluxed for brewing.
Interact with the created large pot and select Fluxed from the list.
Table menu for filling.
Fluxed is growing for 15 minutes, and you cannot speed up this time.
You can grow more at once using more large pots or using fertilizers on your plants.
You can also buy this in a magic NIP.
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