Unlock the Secrets of Hogwarts Heritage: How to Get and Use Alochomorus

The carefully hidden secrets of Hogwarts are not the only puzzles that you need to decide in the Hogwarts Heritage.
You will also encounter several locked chests and locked doors that can only be opened by performing a mini-toast-headed head.
However, instead of equipment for hacking, you will receive a hacking spell called alochomor to open your way forward.
Alokhomora is probably one of the best spells that you can learn in the Hogwarts heritage when it comes to usefulness.
While some doors need to be opened only for the passage of the storyline, you will often find locked chests and forbidden areas that contain valuable prey and awards.
Just keep in mind that chest chests cannot be opened by alochomora.
You need to quit the charm to open them.

How to learn ALOOHOMOR spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Despite the fact that this is a kind of basic spell, you will not be able to unlock Alokhomor after about 8-10 hours of the game.
The hacking spell is part of the plot quest, so it cannot be missed.
You only need to go through the game until you reach the 20th main quest related to the trials of Professor REACHED.
Complete all the tests of Percival Rehab and you unlock the lunar crying of the quest caretaker.
Here Glad win Moon, a caretaker, will teach you the Bloomer spell.
Here you will fall into the hospital wing to unlock the location of the fireplace flame.
Help him restore two moons from two statues of demigod in the castle, and you will learn how to impose an Sophomore spell of the 1st level.
Bring all the nine lines of Gavin to increase the level of your spell to the 3rd level.
Please note that locked chests and locked doors have their levels.
For a locked level of the 3rd level, you will need an alochomora of the 3rd level.

how to hack locks with a spell of alochomor

When you apply alochomor on a locked chest or door, you start a mini-to-game with two rotating dials.
These dials are essentially associated with the main mechanism of the lock and work as pins in a regular castle.
Since the pins move up and down as the key moves in the lock, the spell allows you to move dials in the right place when you turn them.
There is also a spark on dials, which indicates which dial you have chosen and rotate.
The inner dial has a red spark, and the outer dial has a green spark.
Now start with the dial of your choice.
You can rotate it with one of the joysticks on your controller.
If you slowly turn the external stick in any direction, you will see that at some point the green spark on the dial will also begin to appear in one of the small disks, and they will begin to rotate.
This indicates that the outer dial is in the correct position, and it no longer needs to rotate.
After the external gear is completed, you can go to the inner gear.
This gear can rotate in the same way as the outer gear.
Just slowly move the inner gear until small discs in the center of the dials begin to rotate with a red spark on one of them.

This will be evidence that the inner dial is in the correct position, and it no longer needs to be changed.
As soon as both sparks on the dials begin to appear on one of the smaller discs in the lower right corner and in the center of the dials, the lock will begin to automatically unlock, and now the castle with prey or area behind this lock will be opened for you.
Both on the controller and on the PC you can rotate both discs at the same time, but the small disk begins to move only when the discs are exactly in the correct position, which is not so simple.


Therefore, it is recommended to rotate both dials one at a time and make sure to avoid an empty waste of time and disappointment.

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