How To Help Genki Haraguchi Settle In During His First Season With VfB Stuttgart

At the most current with this campaign in the 16th minute of the game against Welder, Yamaguchi earned the altruism of the CFB supporters.


Of all things, also in front of the Cannstatter curve, where the heart of the Stuttgart fan soul is the most violent.
Bremen’s Nicolas Fuller escapes on the best Welder wing Nikolas Marta and perfectly crosses the opposite side to the Anthony Jung.
The midfielder moves up, desires to take the ball volley, the CFB goal has targeted when Yamaguchi virtually out of no place and in the complete sprint with a magnificent flight insert with a flight tomb at the last 2nd, the risk for Florian Müller puts an end to Florian Müller.
An acrobatic efficiency that causes the psychological state of emergency in the Mercedes-Benz-Arena.
It must be the most outstanding scene of the new signing of Union Berlin.
Otherwise, Yamaguchi showed little spectacular, rather what was anticipated from him, revealed effort, ball safety and video game intelligence.
In mix with his Japanese compatriot Water End.

Neither the CFB captain nor the veteran from the capital might prevent the defeat.
Once again defensively and offensive, due to the fact that the CFB acted again.
Which Yamaguchi could not change much in the CFB midfield as an offending eighth.
The 31-year-old was and becomes not a snap.
If he could do that too, said coach Bruno Lambada, then he would not be readily available for us.

Yamaguchi slams the habits of the objectives

Even if goals did not represent his core competence and his colleagues had much higher part in the granting opportunities, Yamaguchi was also personally dissatisfied after the defeat.
It’s simply bitter, says the national player, whose beginning element accompanies a fader aftertaste.
We worked well as a group in the very first half. The 2 objectives conceded in the second half are far too easy.
His own efficiency was not surprised in view of the brevity of the time he had at CFB.
I have a great deal of experience and know the Bundesliga. I can right away integrate myself into a group, says Yamaguchi, who only joined CFB on Mondays recently and was currently active in the cup at SC Paderborn (2-1) for the second half.
The veteran will normally belong to the starting line-up at the Baden-Württemberg State Duel in Freiburg next Saturday.
There is a lot to do with the Swabians, who need to slowly win again to escape the transfer places or a minimum of to keep the connection to the challengers in front of it.
Just what is challenging to state, says a reserved Yamaguchi.
I do not know the team so well yet. I need a little time to learn more about the team better.

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