Explore The Quantum World With The New Marvel Snap Seasonal Subscription

The new Marvel Snap seasonal subscription is based on the game Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania.
Marvel Snap contains Marvel cards divided into groups.
The Into Quantum Realm season adds a new card, seasonal subscription, locations and software reset of your rank.
The seasonal subscription also contains new map options, currency awards and seasonal containers.
Here are all the awards and levels of the new seasonal subscription.

unlocking the seasonal subscription Marvel Snap in the Quantum Realm

Marvel Snap has a single seasonal subscription, divided into two free and paid versions.
The in the Quantum season will last until March 7, 2022. The main replenishment of the fashion season of the fashionable fashion costs five energies and has eight forces.
Took On Reveal’s ability drops your hand.
We have elements highlighted by bold in the seasonal subscription premium-classicor is a paid version.


  1. Loop base card.
  2. 100 loans.
  3. 25 boosters of the fashion.
  4. 100 gold.
  5. 200 loans.
  6. 25 Boasters Fashion.
  7. The mysterious option.
  8. 15 boosters.
  9. Dear, I reduced the heroes-a new name.
  10. 100 loans.
  11. 100 gold.
  12. Avatar of man-man.
  13. 200 loans.
  14. 30 people-men Costars.
  15. 100 gold.
  16. 15 boosters.
  17. 100 loans.
  18. A man is a Card of the Steampankovsky version.
  19. 100 gold.
  20. 30 people-men Costars.
  21. 15 boosters.
  22. Card The Mysterious Option.
  23. 200 loans.
  24. 15 boosters.
  25. New shirt for cards.
  26. 200 loans.
  27. The new name A couple of cubes without a rank.
  28. 100 loans.
  29. 100 gold.
  30. OSA Avatar.
  31. 200 loans.
  32. 30 OSA Costars.
  33. 100 gold.
  34. OSA Option of a map in the style of steampunk.
  35. 200 loans.
  36. 30 OSA Costars.
  37. 100 gold.
  38. 25 boosters.
  39. 100 loans.
  40. Card The Mysterious Option.
  41. 200 loans.
  42. 60 Mode Costars.
  43. 200 loans.
  44. The new name I defeated you before.
  45. 500 loans.
  46. Avatar fashion.
  47. Card The Mysterious Option.
  48. New shirt for cards.
  49. 500 gold.
  50. Fashion option for a killer card.

is it worth it to purchase a seasonal Marvel Snap Premium subscription?

The new Season Pass has several repeated awards, such as currency and booster.
The fashion is the only map tied to the seasonal subscription, since the man-man and washing are available in the standard bullet of cards.
The developer of Second Dinner began adding exclusive cards of the seasonal subscription to the tokens store, which can then be purchased for intrastate currency after the expiration of their season.
All rank resources will cost Season Pass if you are a devoted Marvel Snap player and want a new Took card.

However, an ordinary player can skip a paid version.
To obtain additional information about Marvel Snap, read the Marvel Snap level list-the best meta-cards and decks in the game guidelines for professionals.

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