Marvel Snap: Explore Robbery Castle And Find Out What Makes It So Special Every Tuesday


Each Tuesday in Marvel Snap appears a new chosen location that will appear much more often than other locations and can radically change methane in two days.
For example, when Rocket Bridge was released, this led to a shift in the strategies of destruction and counteracting the destruction.
The recommended location this week is Plunder Castle, and, as in the case of past locations, this one quite changed the methane.

What is Plunder Castle in Marvel Snap?

Plunder Castle is the long-awaited departure of Destroy constant locations added by Marvel Snap, but this is in its own way limiting place.
The production of the castle does not allow anything except six cost cards to be beaten in it.
This means that the best way to capture the location is to deceive it by force or just argue that your six is better than their.

The best cards for playing with Plunder Castle in Marvel Snap

  • Mr. Fantastic is a classic map for the distribution of force for each location, Mr. Fantastic can easily get your priority and put pressure on your enemy with the help of his two forces spreading into the chatting lock.
  • Clow-assuming that the castle of prey is not the most left location, it is even better than Mr. Fantastic, in order to place force in the castle.
  • Bella girl-although the squirrels themselves are far from a strong option, a white girl who immediately captured the castle with prey for one energy can give you an early priority and pressure that your opponent should answer.
  • Postcard step-one missed archetype can take a place in the meta during the Plunder Castle.
    Movement maps is one of the best ways to deliver cards to places where they usually cannot get.
    Handball will be especially good with Plunder Castle, as it can also be played in it naturally, while vision and Captain Marvel probably the following two best options.
  • Hela-although she is accidental when choosing a method of shaping the discarded cards, the ability of Held to potentially create a bunch of cards on the board in the last move can easily swing the lock.
    She can also play there herself.
  • Arnie Zola is a master of calling fraud, Arnie can use the classic arrangement of a black panther to easily capture the lock, but even without a black panther, a red skull or other five costs, probably, is also suitable.
  • Electrolysis may seem like a stupid choice, but the electron allows you to play two cards at six costs per game, which means that you can easily take the lock by playing one move in it earlier than your opponent.
  • The white tiger is somewhere between the head and the white girl, the white tiger can potentially cause a force of the Spirit of the Spirit of Seven in the castle, but since its effect is random, it may miss.
    However, when she plays with Long or Odin, she has much more chances to take a place.
  • DISTRO is one of the most flexible elections, you can play the castle or simply fill it with your drones.
    Along with the patriot and other amplifying cards, this may be enough to capture the lock and distribute force according to the rest of the game field.
  • Dr. Unlike the DISTRO, Dr. Dump can be played both in the location and beyond, and, like the Alton Patriot, can help Dr. Dump deceive more strength on the board, although to a lesser extent.
  • Orc is one of the most underestimated Marvel Snap cards, the orc could really shine brightly in the castle, playing many other six cost cards alone and playing many others with the help of other cards.

  • Infinaut-speaking of the cards that defeat the orc and everything else, the infant is the strongest card in the game in terms of strength and easily capture the lock alone nine times out of 10.
  • Leader-although the leader has just received a huge alteration/nerf, it is great for the castle, because the lock almost guarantees that your opponent will play it at the sixth move.
    Of course, this will depend on the situation and deck, but if you can predict how your opponent plays this game, this can become the course that you need to win the game.
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