Exploring The Best Mystical Decks In Marvel Snap: Combining Cards To Unleash Maximum Power

Many of the best decks in Marvel Snap are built on certain combinations that the decks can be performed sequentially.
This usually applies to two cards, since everything above two cards can become very inconsistent.
Mystic is one of the best combo activators in Marvel Snap, and it is so strong that it is the only reason that some game archetypes generally work.

In what deck Marvel Snap does mystique work?

deck Cerebra

There are two decks that need a mystic much more than any other archetype in Marvel Snap.
The first of these archetypes is Cerebra archetype.
This archetype rotates around its namesake Cerebra and its constant effect gives your cards with the highest force two additional forces.
This effect led to the creation of decks, all cards of which have a general characteristic of force, such as the decrees Cerebra Two and Cerebra Three.
Where mystique appears, best shows in the Cerebra Two lists.
Mystique has a very obvious goal of copying Cerebra in these lists, but almost all these decks also use Blue Marvel, offering a secondary, but still very powerful effect for copying mystique.
If you want to try Cerebra 2, here is the deck code for one of the best lists.

decks of the patriot

Like Cerebra decks, Patriot decks lose a lot of power without mystique in their lists.
Instead of focusing on power characteristics, like Cerebra, the patriot instead has a constant effect gives two additional forces to any map without abilities.
This effect is usually applied to cards such as wasp or Cyclops, in particular, it will strengthen any cards, affected sorceress or leech also.
As in the case of Cerebra, the mystic usually chooses the patriot due to its copying effect, but the Blue Marvel and Iron Man are also used in the upper lists of the patriot, which makes two very strong secondary goals for mystic.

Mr. Negative deck

Mr. Negative deck is the choice of cards that exchange costs in order to turn them into much more powerful versions of themselves.
To this end, successful Mister Negative lists will always include cards with high cost and low power with powerful effects.

Because of this, mystic is a simple choice, since with the coup of Mr. Negative it becomes a power map with a zero cost of three, which can copy some of the best auxiliary maps of Mr. Negative.
In almost every deck of Mr. Negative, there is both one and the other.
Blue miracle and iron people both are the main goals for the effect of copying mystique.

decks of a dark hawk

Marvel Snap Zebu decks have been a ramp from the moment Zebu release, and the best archetype among them are Dark hawk decks.
The dark hawk is a map of force worth four units with the current effect to have two additional forces for each card in the enemy’s deck.


Usually this effect would not be powerful, but using a black widow, the colleges of some games of the dark hawk can reach 20 units.
Since the effect of a dark hawk is so strong, mystic, spending one energy less to get the same effect, is incredibly strong, especially in combination with the moon maiden, to copy mystic for double, triple, and sometimes the venue effects of a dark hawk on the board.

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