Ulduar Revisited: Blizzards View On The Only Unconquered Wotlk Classic Hard Mode

Over the previous couple of years, WoW fans have consistently discovered through the Timeless version of the online role-playing game that lots of employer obstacles that were once viewed as hard are not a hurdle nowadays.
We are more skilled, know the methods from back then, have much better PCs and use quicker, more trustworthy web.

an employer bravely withstood

At the time, it took an amazing eleven weeks for the very first guild in Ulnar end boss Yogg-Saron with the alone in the dark success.
A hard chunk was also the optional Riesling Algal on, which guilds were only allowed to challenge guilds one hour a week.
As is well understood, the World-First race looked really various in WoW (Buy now) Would Classic: After simply 68 minutes, BEEF Bar gamers from the EU Server Genus had beat the toughest variant of Yogg-Saron and Algal on.
There is a manager from Ulnar, which at that time not a single slaughterhouse was dominated in its initial tough style form and which, even now, more than 14 years later, makes expert guilds even desperate who have years of WRATH experience and truly use every technique
that the game has to offer.
Naturally we indicate XT-002 deconstruct or and his heartbreaking success.
At that time, numerous gamers were certain that the high DPS requirements of this struggle could only be satisfied if all gamers wear the very best devices offered from Ulnar and everyone gets the optimum out of their character.
Because hard style was previously created, you could never test that.
For stage 2 from Would Classic, Blizzard had known to increase the Item level of the Ulnar prey, however it would certainly take more IDs now until a slaughterhouse is well geared up to be able to conquer the substantial robotic in the tough fashion.

you are too strong, it rains nerfs

Nevertheless, the Blizzard developers are certainly of the viewpoint that the 2nd task boss in Ulnar must not offer the most tough hard fashion of the entire instance.
Therefore, Community Supervisor Kiev announced several nerfs for XT-002 in the official WoW Forum, which went live on all servers during the night.
10 Player Hard mode
Total Damage Required to Defeat XT-002 Lowered by 20% Throughout the Heartbreak Stage.
Heartbreak Health Enthusiast is now 40% (what 90%).
Heartbreak Buff Health: is now 8,400,000 (what 11,400,000).
Life Glow Health is now 100,800.
25 Gamer Hard mode
Heartbreak Health Enthusiast is now 40% (what 90%).


  • Base Health is now 18,000,000 (what 25,000,000).
  • Heart Health is now 4.410,000 (what 6.125,000).
  • Heartbreak Enthusiast Health is now 25,200,000 (what 47,500,000).
  • Life Spark Health is now 302,400 (what 352,800).

Blizzard not just damages the heartbreaker enthusiast, but also the life points of the sparks of life, the basic health of the one in charge and the health of the heart.
And even the somewhat lighter hard style of the 10-player variant gets his fat away.
In principle, well-equipped guilds now need to make an effort not to activate tough style (and after that master it on the side).
Under the post from Kiev, several players are now grumbling that Blizzard is shooting out the target here and that the one in charge deteriorates excessive in all variations.
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