EA Pulls The Plug On Two Popular Games: What Does This Mean For Players?

This message comes as a surprise: the American publisher and designer Electronic Arts keep in 2 popular video games from the portfolio, both of whom were first released in 2015.
Currently, now no purchases can be made in the video games, and the titles will quickly vanish from the digital shops.
However, not only that, the responsible developer studio is also closed.
However, they do not get cash that gamers have spent in the 2 video games in recent months, even if the purchases will quickly become entirely worthless.

Battleground and Pinnacle Legends series impacted

A game of the Battlefield and one of the pinnacle legend series are impacted.
Apparently, both of them did not bring the desired sales only in 2022 and are now being re-discontinued due to an absence of success.
The release was only in Might and November in 2015, so too much time did not offer Electronic Arts to the games to build up a gamer.

gamers don’t get any cash back from EA

Specifically, it has to do with Battleground Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile, both of which have actually been published for gadgets with Android and iOS, i.e. smartphones, tablets and in some cases likewise wise sticks for televisions.
Already now it is no longer possible to spend real cash in the in-game shops of the two video games.
If you have done this in the previous couple of months, for example for skins, now looks into the tube.
According to the usage guidelines, Electronic Arts does not repay a cent to gamers.

in-game purchases are worthless

This indicates that if both video games are entirely parked from May 1st, all the in-game purchases were useless.
Electronic Arts is not lawfully obliged to repay, but could still take an example to business like Google.
After completion of the Stadia video game streaming service, they reimburse their consumers.
Definitely an entrepreneurial choice for future consumer commitment to other titles.

EA closes developer studio

As part of the attitude of Battlefield Mobile and Pinnacle Legends Mobile, Electronic Arts likewise announced the closure of the designer studio Industrial Toys.
The Californian studio has developed Battleground Mobile, now the business is history.
Jobs are likewise erased to name a few developers.


The number of this is and what occurs to the employees is presently still uncertain.
Source: VentureBeat
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