Youre probably not a Battlefield player if youre looking for these features

If you’re a Call of Duty or Battlefield player, chances are you know your way around the game pretty well. But what if something from one of the newest games could make your experience even better? Read on to find out why thousands of MW2 players are calling for an ingenious feature from BF 2042 to be added to their game!

Cod and Battleground players are typically spider.
On Reddit, nevertheless, thousands of MW2 players from the designers are calling for an ingenious function from BF 2042 to find their way into their game.

COD gamer desire dark mode for glare grenades

To this day, many gamers have actually hardly lost a recommendation to Battleground 2042.
No marvel, particularly the start of the EA shooter was an outright full disaster at the end of last year.


A function that came into play a few months back was taken extremely benevolently by all gamers: the dark style for glare grenades.
Glare grenades no longer ensure that your screen lights up completely white if this is activated.
Instead, the screen is immersed in black for a short moment, which is much more enjoyable for many gamers.
Not just the Battlefield gamers seem to see that.
In the MW2 Subreddit, thousands of players now ask the developers whether they can also implement this feature in the new COD:

Yes, damn!
That would be incredible.
They burn through my skull with the frequency with which they are included this video game. – Whatblackdog.

Ohh I had no concept that you might do that at BF.
We need this in every video game that has glare grenades. – Xconnorrheax.

Holy shit, that is a brilliant function, LOL!- Guyinsidetrehouse.

A COD gamer bypasses the bright glare grenades.

Stunning grenades are an annoyance for lots of gamers, specifically on the compact map of the delivery.
So that you don’t have a peaceful second due to the fact that here the tactical grenades are practically continuously thrown around.
To avoid the light screen flashes, a Reddit user has actually developed a unique technique:.

No joke, I started playing SHIPMENT with sunglasses.- Iameclipse022.
There are also some players in the comments who discuss that you would not need a dark mode for glare grenades if the Benefit Fight Hardened would reduce the glare effect more.
It stays to be seen whether the COD developers will copy the function from Battleground 2042.
What is certain is that lots of gamers would quite welcome these modifications.

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