Lakers Defeat Phoenix Suns

Monday night’s game between the LA Lakers and Phoenix Suns was a battle for the ages! After an intense back-and-forth match, it was the Phoenix Suns who emerged victorious in a grueling defeat of the Lakers. In this article we’ll break down what happened and analyze why the Suns were able to pull out their victory.

The LA Lakers were handed an intense beat down by the Phoenix Suns on Monday night. Using a tremendously shorthanded roster, Lakers legend James Worthy wrapped up the Lakers’ performance in this away video game.

The Lake show was seriously shorthanded heading into this game on the roadway. With Anthony Davis out for a minimum of a month, the LA Lakers also saw the lack of LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Austin Leaves.

The LA Lakers continued their battles by settling into a winning rhythm this season. After notching two successive wins, the Purple and Gold were brought down to earth by the Phoenix Suns.

With the majority of their main rotation gamers out for the video game, the LA Lakers had close to no chance of winning. This belief was reflected by Robert Sorry and James Worthy on Spectrum Sportsnet’s postgame broadcast.

After being handed a blowout 104-130 loss to Phoenix, the Lakers discovered themselves being up to 13-17 on the season. The scoreline doesn’t show the nature of the video game.

Sorry began the commentary on the Lakers’ loss by highlighting the Suns’ brilliant perimeter shooting. He stated:

James Worthwhile chimed in to follow up on Sorry’s comments too. He included:

The Phoenix Suns have actually become a bit of a thorn in the LA Lakers’ side over the course of the last few seasons. Offered that the two teams have actually had bad blood for a long period of time, the existing situation is just a reiteration of the rivalry.


As things stand, the Suns have the Lakers’ numbers in every conference. Considering the method which things are choosing Purple and Gold, it doesn’t appear like this dynamic will change anytime soon.

The Lakers have stopped working to win a single video game against the Suns in any format ever since, preseason consisted of. This does not bode well for the title-aspirant Lakers in the slightest.

Although the Suns were playing without Devin Booker, the team had sufficient firepower to deal with the injury-plagued Lakers. Considering the manner in which Phoenix has dealt with the Lakers in the past few years, it is safe to state that even a Lakers team at full strength would have struggled versus the Suns

Since the 2020-21 season, the Lakers have actually struggled to beat the Suns. While this would suggest some degree of competitiveness, Phoenix has actually essentially blown out LA in every match considering that their playoff conference.

While Worthy gave props to the shorthanded Lakers group, he highlighted Phoenix’s ability to liquidate video games in the required style. Making note of the Suns’ status as the leading team in the West, Worthy had to provide credit where credit was due.

The LA Lakers do not have a response for the Phoenix Suns.

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