So You Want To Play World Of Warcraft: Dragon Flight As On Steam

Twenty years ago, World of Warcraft was released as an MMORPG. Now, World of Warcraft: Dragon flight is available on Steam! In this article, we will be going over the game’s new features and why you should buy it!

World of Warcraft: Dragon swarm is a rejuvenating variation of a practically twenty-year-old title.
From vibrant dragon riding to his chaotic world events, WoW’s newest expansion attracts us all once again and again.
Much so that you probably have observed your steaming and ask me if you could take your kite with you anywhere.

can you play World of Warcraft on a steam deck?

Yes, you can play Wow: dragon swarm on a steam deck, but it’s not as easy how simple the video game starts.

Due to the exclusivity of the video game for the desktop app, a variety of actions are needed for the initial setup.
As soon as installed, the game can be quickly opened via steam.

How to play Wow on a steam deck

Continue as follows to play Wow on a Steam deck:

installation of the desktop app

  • Insert switch to the desktop mode by holding the steam cover pushed Power button
  • Install Proton Delaware that enables the Steam Deck to carry out non-native games
  • Download the desktop app
  • Open your Steam Library and pick a video game.
  • Select/ House/ Deck and go to downloads (or the place to which you downloaded the desktop app).
  • Choose setup.exe.
    You might need to select all files to be able to see this.
  • Pick homes and after that compatibility.
  • Use proton to force using a particular Steam Play compatibility tool.
  • Start setup.exe and register.
  • Near and eliminate it from your list of steam video games if you want.

Play setup.

  • Select the folder icon.
  • Open the menu with 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • Select Showing Hidden Files.
  • Open steam and include to your game list.
    It should be at its/ home/deck/. Local/share/steam/ steam apps/compatdata > PFC > drive_c > Program files (x86).
  • Right click and go to the residential or commercial properties as you carried out in the initial step.
  • Use proton to force making use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool.


  • Start through steam.
  • Install Wow.
    After successful installation, we suggest using the desktop app World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight to play each time, considering that the game needs to be upgraded regularly and using the app immediately registers it throughout the video game.
    Wow: Dragon flight is now readily available for PC.
  • This article was updated on December 16, 2022.

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