Is There A Spider Devil In Chainsaw Man?

The introduction of the devil snake in episode 8 of Chainsaw Man added another creepy devil and disgusting to the already impressive list of fearful enemies of the series.
With the appearance (and rapid killing) of Leech Devil and Bat Devil, the question arises: Is there a Spider Devil in Chainsaw Man?
Here is your answer.

What side is the Devil Spider side?

In fact, there is a Spider Devil slipping through the world of Chainsaw Man, representing the fear of humanity to spiders and possessing all the typical skills of the devil.
Fortunately for humanity, Prince (the other name of the devil) is not determined to make humans and eat them for dinner.
Instead, it sympathizes much more with the public security initiative.


Except for a zipper that runs from the front of his face, Prince resembles an average waist appearance woman up, but looks eight legs in the form of sharp spider as knives underneath.
It can be completely transformed into a very convincing human to mix, with a buttoned shirt, a combating and a skirt to the knee.
Prince is extremely loyal to Maxima and carries out his orders with impassive cruelty that betrays his very docile and pleasant human personality.
Its curious facial zipper is a tool to summon Maxima herself, who can transport it to the Location of Prince regardless of where she is and triggered the zipper as a horrible egg of the devil.
Prince makes his first appearance as a member of the special division team 4 and participates in the offensive against Kane Atari and Katina Man. She continues to serve as a loyal soldier for Maxima, fulfilling her orders without questioning.
That is all you need to know about whether there is a spider devil.
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