Maple Story M v Matrix skill update. Nexon CEO Lee Jung-heon announced on the 16th that it will update new

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 16th that it will update the new V Matrix skills to its mobile MMORPG Maple Story M.

As a result, one common skill for each occupation, such as warriors, thieves, wizards, archers, and pirates, and one skill for each occupation can be added to enjoy more powerful boss battle.
New skills can be obtained or produced through Core Gemstone, the same as the existing V Matrix skill.

In addition, to support rapid growth, an adventure training center will be added to enter level 20 to less than 100 characters.
It is an automatic battle dungeon that allows you to experience special training every time you kill 100 monsters, and you can obtain a richer experience and red memo by defeating special monsters in training.

In addition, come to a happy village that offers abundant benefits.
First, by defeating the monster that fits the character level by January 11th, you can provide a happy village coin, and the coin can be exchanged for various items in a dedicated store.
In addition, by December 29, mini-games participate in Rudolph training, or if you make a toy at a happy village toy shop, you can offer coins, and you can listen to game background music when clearing daily missions in a happy village music box.



Meanwhile, Nixon will hold the event 2023 Maple M!
The countdown will be held at midnight on January 1, and you can earn abundant participation compensation when you enter the square map.

For more information about the new V Matrix skill update, please visit the Maple Story M official community.

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