Shin Joon-seop, Daejeon, who is a Korean Basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, has

Dena, a Co., Ltd., announced on the 15th that it has updated Ace Shin Joon-seop athlete’s data on its mobile game slam dunk.


Shin Joon-seop is one of the excellent outside shooters and boasts a three-point shot hit rate that makes the opponent creepy through the harsh practice.

Ace Shin Joon-seop has six skills: God’s shooter, forward shot, God’s dribble, non-Junbi pass, three side catches, and acceleration marks.

In particular, Shin’s shooter has a long tap shot that Shin Joon-seop uses a good sense to catch a ball in the air, and the god’s forward block skills that jump high when they face their opponents.

In addition, Shin Joon-seop hits his body in front of the ball, steps on the step back, and opens the distance and shoots out of the three-point line.

In addition, when he couldn’t beat his opponent before he shot, he also used the gods of the gods to pass the ball and the screens’ technology that secures the team’s shooting space by hanging on the opponent.

With this update, DNA will hold various events such as positive projects, weekly challenges and Christmas events.

First, if you complete a specific mission, such as holding Ace Shin Unstop data or achieving Ace Shin Joon-seop’s data evaluation S by the 21st, you will receive compensation such as Jun-sub.

In addition, if you participate in the Rank War and 3V3 Half Court, you can offer Happy Candy. You can exchange it as a coat box (event), basketball box (event), and honorary crystal.

In addition, even if you access the game by January 2, it will present items such as rank protection cards, competitive coins, potential draws, and cheering tickets for each login date.

More details can be found through the mobile game slam dunk community.

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