Guild Wars 2s Big 2022: More End of Dragons Content Coming, New Expansion in Early Development.

We learned a lot of lessons from Heart of Thorns, and the next expansion is in early development, said Colin Johanson, game director for Guild Wars 2. But we’re not quite ready to talk about it yet.

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The return of living Globe Season 1 was additionally among the highlights, considering that not only did it bring back web content that had actually been unplayable for eight years, but it made that material complimentary and permanently readily available. This indicated that those that started later on can obtain a glance of what this story content was everything about, yet having gain access to now, even for those that were around for the original launch, implied having the ability to finish accomplishments and also even more options for material as well as circumstances.

In a year in testimonial dev blog, the team noted that End of Dragons launched in late February, as well as went on to outsell Path of Fire, the last development, by April. Guild Battles 2 celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, as well as also made it over to Steam. In the background, we’ve been functioning silently on our next web content update, as well as we began early development on our fourth expansion, noting the initial actual remark because announcing a fourth growth would take place.

In April, when revealing End of Dragons success, they kept in mind that the energetic gamer matter had even more than folded the past numerous years. With this year in evaluation, the image is looking even brighter.

Arena net is reviewing 2022, saying that this year was one of the best years for Guild Battles 2 in recent memory. They’ve likewise revealed that the next development remains in early advancement.


So what’s next? Even More End of dragons web content. They promise an upgrade on Q1 plans in early 2023, but formerly pointed out things, like the Wow restructuring and also the DirectX 11 change, are coming.

This year we’ve already seen much more gamers venture into Syria for the very first time since 2015– the year we made the base game web content playable completely free and introduced our initial expansion, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

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