John Wicks Spinoff: The Walking Dead Actor Norman Reedus Joins Lead Joshn Wick

Deadline magazine h just confirmed another name for Ballerina’s cting, John Wick’s spin off starring Ana de Arm.
This is Norman Reeds, whom we all remember for his role Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead.
We are Norman fans, and we trust that everyone is excited well us who joined the John Wick universe, said Erica Lee, one of the film’s producers.
It will be an incredible incorporation for Ballerina.


Reeds is incorporated into full filming and joins a ct formed, in addition to Ana de Arm and Keanu Reeves himself, by Angelica Huston (the Addams family), Ian Methane (Deadwood), Lance Red dick (Weaker in the recent Resident Evil
from Netflix) and Catalina Sanding Moreno (Oscar nominated for Maria, you are full).
The film will be directed Len Wiseman (the Underworld saga) and its script bears the signature of Shay Hten (author of John Wick 3 and army of the dead).
for a relee date, for now nothing.
It is even unknown if the tape will reach Sales in 2023 or if it could go to 2024.

Norman Reeds at Death Stranding 2

After the end of The Walking Dead, Reeds is more idle and open to projects than ever.
To Ballerina adds his participation in The Bike riders, Jeff Nichols’ new film (Loving, Mud, Take Shelter), and in Death Stranding 2, the sequel to the acclaimed Video Kolyma video game.
Presented at The Game Awards 2022, the trailer in which the return of Sam Porter Bridges showed us an unexpected version of the actor in Jesus Christ Plan.
We will see which of the three projects first arrives and what course takes from now on a career that, for what to lie, for now you cannot grind more.

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