How To Get The RB Battles Challenge Icon In Funky Friday – Roblox (Finally, the third season of Robl

Finally, the third season of Roblox Battles has begun!
For those who are not familiar with Roblox Battles, this three-week event invites the best YouTubers/creators of Roblox to get together and fight for the prize of the RBB championship.
While the tournament is active, the players of the house can have fun by taking part in various mini-events and earned several exclusive badges and objects.
Continue to read below to learn more about how to unlock one of these icons, the Funky Friday Rb Battles Challenge icon.

How to make money RB Battles Challenge in Funky Friday

To unlock the RB Battles Challenge icon in Funky Friday, players must complete a difficult task, find a hidden RBB scene, and then perform the RBB song on the specified scene.


To start overtaking, follow the path of luminous cubes, which leads from the point of revival of experience.

Carefully make your way around the OBI, walking, scribbled and jumping from the platform to the platform.
Before reaching the end, you need to go through three stages: the green stage, the purple stage and the blue stage.
As soon as you complete all three and overcome the colorful staircase, you will reach the end of the OBI!
At the top of the stairs is the RBB secret scene-stand on it to start the RBB song.
After the reverse counting of the timer, the round will begin.
To earn glasses, press the movement keys in the correct order when they appear on the screen.
As soon as the round ends, you will automatically get the RB Battles Challenge icon.
Now continue to explore the metavselnaya in search of the rest of the icons and regularly come here if you need help!
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