The Top 10 Reasons Why LeBron Jamess Game Against the Philadelphia 76ers Was a Bust

Recently, LeBron James of the Lakers competed against the Philadelphia 76ers in a very disappointing game. In order to make sure that you don’t have the same experience, here are the top 10 reasons why this game was a bust.

Bagless has never ever been one to keep peaceful about LeBron and while it’s difficult to see if he’s playing around or not, the hatred definitely seems real. LeBron could have nights where he scores 45 points and Skip will still let him know that he requires to do better.

Still, he is among the very best gamers in the world according to many people, and it would be difficult to argue that. One guy, nevertheless, who will constantly provide LeBron James hate is Avoid Bagless.

LeBron didn’t have his finest things this video game, despite the fact that he scored 23 points. He finished shooting 9-22 from the field and 1-8 from three-point range. James has had a hard time more than typical this season, however after considering his age, it makes good sense why the numbers are going down.


LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t have the video game that they were hoping for against the Philadelphia 76ers. While there was practically a bizarre resurgence, the Lakers ended up losing in overtime after not striking a shot for many of the quarter.

Each time LeBron does not play well, Avoid is going to let him know. This was not various on Friday night, as Bagless required to Twitter to crucify the King.

Avoid Bagless calling out LeBron for his three-point shooting isn’t anything new. He published something similar after LeBron stated he’s continued to work on his three-point shooting:

LeBron James Skip Bagless history

LeBron James much better get back on track unless he wants To Avoid Bagless to keep going after him. He likely doesn’t care what Bagless says, however it still has to be hard to hear somebody slander him at every moment. LeBron James, at this point in his career, realizes that he’s perhaps the biggest player of perpetuity.

While LeBron typically does not react to Bagless, Skip will continue to pursue him at any shot he wants.

Anything that Bagless says about him doesn’t carry much weight. He is who he is, and LeBron James understands that.

Funny enough, LeBron stated in 2011 that Skip Bagless and Stephen A. Smith benefit the sport on Twitter. This isn’t something that most realize as people always question why LeBron doesn’t go back at him. Some believe that Bagless takes it over the top a bit excessive, and it is difficult to argue that.

LeBron didn’t have his finest things this game, even though he scored 23 points. Funny enough, LeBron stated in 2011 that Avoid Bagless and Stephen A. Smith are excellent for the sport on Twitter. LeBron James better get back on track unless he desires Skip Bagless to keep going after him. LeBron James, at this point in his profession, recognizes that he’s perhaps the greatest player of all time.

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