How to complete the DreamLight task Checking the taste of cookies in Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dream light Valley continues the tradition of performing seasonal tasks that are very similar to the wallet or life in the Halloween update.
All new tasks of Village Dream light for updating Secret Missions in Uncharted Space are devoted to Christmas.


In addition to the name, again, there is very little context for performing these tasks.

Here’s how to fulfill the task Dream of Dreams of the Tape of cookies in Disney Dream light Valley.

How to get a cooking test in Disney Dream light Valley

You can find this task of Dream light by opening Drimlinite section of your menu, then select the village, the second option is at the bottom of the list on the left side of the screen.
To get a cooking test, you need to eat three cookies.
You are not limited by a new recipe for ginger cookies.
The cookies My hero or a plate of cookies with chocolate crumbs are also suitable.
Performing this task will reward you with a couple of festive candy ears.
This is a decorative item for a hat in a Christmas theme, similar to dressings with Mickey’s ears.
You will not get Dream light points for completing this task.
Since you baked and ate these cookies, maybe you want to try other desserts at Disney Dream light Valley?
Find out how to cook hot cocoa in Disney Dream light Valley, how to cook a coconut pie in Disney Dream light Valley or how to make a fruit pie in Disney Dream light Valley here in Pro Game Guides.

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