How to get the key to the control crane in Warzone 2 DMZ

The Asmara map, presented in Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ, has various blocked spaces and hiding places with prey, access to which can only be obtained using special keys. Although all these keys can be found randomly as items of production, some of them can be obtained by completing the fractions in the game.

how to get the key to the control crane in COD DMZ

You can get the Kana control room by completing the Quick and Dirty Faction for the Black Mouse Tier 3. The mission requires you to fulfill the HVT contract in less than two minutes. As soon as you accept the contract, the location of a valuable target will be marked on the map, and a two-minute timer will start. Although HVT, as a rule, is quite close to the place where you get a contract, we recommend that you purchase a vehicle in advance to speed up the process.

In the marked place you will see several armored guards protecting HVT, which are very easy to distinguish from others, since it wears a tracksuit. Focus on its elimination and confirm the murder, going up to his body before time has expired. This will complete the mission quickly and dirty, and you will receive the key to the control crane directly in your inventory.


where to find the control crane in the demilitarized zone

The Kana Control point is located in the city of Al-Aqsa, which is an important POI in the northwestern part of El Mara on the edge of the map. The exact location of the structure was noted on the map above. You can unlock the room with the key and gain access to the extraction inside, but we recommend saving it for later. This is because one of the 3rd levels of the 3rd level of the white lotus, UNEARTHED, requires you to open the crane control room and remove the document from there, which can only be done if you have this key.

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