LOL: After winning the 1st IGNIS CUP, Luma and Sarkis explain Pain Gamings trajectory until the title

After more than ten years of League of Legends’s competitive scenario in azil, the first Mob Riot Games inclusive championship finally took place on the developer’s official stage in São Paulo-E with face-to-face audience.

With eight teams classified, the representatives of the final matches were the players of Pain Gaming and Raised E-Sports. In a series that ended 3-0 for Pain, the organization raised the first IGN IS CUP title.

The team, formed by the Players Flower, Lima Lima, Ana Julia Cuteness, Tina Bats, Giovanna Lunardelli and coach Mathews Saris, remained stable throughout the series, showing great game control.

With recent training, the team has gone through two intense weeks of daily training and night training. In an interview with MGG, player Lima and coach Saris commented on the team’s path to victory and expectations for the women’s scenario.

Different pieces of the puzzle

According to Saris, the initial intention was to set up a team with different pieces. He quoted Player Flower as the player-appointed player to be the team’s voice, given his experience with ‘shot caller’ when leading communication.

Already Lima, who was sent to be an influencer of the organization and helped the entry of Saris in the female scenario, was chosen by his potential for individual development. According to the coach, both the hunter and cuteness, who plays on the middle route, were thought of as development pieces.

Especially because Lima, by accepting the invitation, agreed to train and play in a lane in which she was not used to more professionally-the dedication would be greater.


The last two pieces of the puzzle, according to Saris, needed to act as the team’s ‘stones’ to be, the most solid route of the composition. For this, the organization opted for players Lunardelli and Bats, who already had some competitive experience.

While Luna had already gone through Gillette Ult, reality show for aspiring LOL players, Bats was already accumulating the experience of having participated in CBOL Academy by the into team. Saris stressed that both players have a sense of routes in a competitive scenario at a level that would allow them to hold, more easily, the advance of rival players.

from casual to competitive

Although Saris, who had already led Pain’s victory at CBOL Academy, took responsibility for coordinating this new competitive team, it was necessary to train the mental of the players to a more routine-focal environment in the players who had not yet passed for such an experience.

The player Lima, for example, was one of them. The player, who had her head in the universe of influencers and spent much of her time staring at the game as an entertainment-specially for being part of the magic girls’ streamers team, had to face a change of sudden routine.

Even playing lol since he was 13 years old and considering himself a competitive person, the sense of dispute only appeared to Lima after the first matches he played at In House Jinx, a personalized departure servant with communication dedicated exclusively to women and non-bundles players.

Already having a certain experience with live oadcasts, Lima already had a sense of how to deal with the game community, and this prepared it for insertion in the organization.

The player, who helped the inclusive project of PAIN from the beginning, commented that the organization was testing players for weeks, until they would establish the official training for the tournament.

During this period, Lima was an important piece for Saris to have access to the relevant names of In House Jinx. The coach commented that he needed to be agile to form the team, and that the recommendations made by Lima and other players who consumed the daily server were the key point.

Before the title

After the choice of Flower, Bats, Cuteness and Lunardelli to join Lima, the team went through two intense training. According to Saris, the afternoon was occupied by ranked games, as the vast majority of teams of the same level were only available at night.

It was therefore an intense routine. The technician said that in his view this is not the ideal model; His intention was to replicate the model of the Academy team, which focused on training for personalized matches since early afternoon and collective and individual analysis for the night.

This, however, has not been possible to make the availability of teams of the same level in the afternoon for Scrims. Still, it was possible to prepare the players in a slightly more professional model given the coexistence in the PAIN complex.

With possibilities to exchange experience with the Academy team, the team was able to intensify their training faster. Agility was a relevant point for the coach, who managed to make the players understand to the point of training against higher tiers teams in recent days before the GNIS.

For Saris, it was extremely relevant that the players follow their methodical teaching style and learn to be proactive both collectively and individually.

The lack of attention to the inclusive scenario

Although PAIN has been successful in setting up a team and, less than two weeks, raising the title of the first IGN IS CUP, the Inclusive International Tournament demonstrated that the other organizations in the CBLol-Comu-exception of Net shoes Miners, which ended in Fourth place-, they had no interest.

In Sari’s view, the absence of other traditional organizations of the national LOL scenario was due to several reasons.

Among them are the lack of preparation and knowledge of the players of the inclusive scenario and also the ‘lack of faith’ that the championship can avenge and become stable. Although the inclusive events of Riot Games-How Valorant are, for example, becoming more present, the future of inclusive lol is still uncertain.

Still, Saris states that Pain’s intention is not just to attend special events. The purpose of PAIN is that inclusive line-up could be exactly the same as Academy. The room division of the organization’s new complex includes the team as one of the fixed teams, so that PAIN expects IGN IS CUP to have, when Less, two editions a year so that the work can be focused, concluded the coach.

Investment in parallel projects

Although Riot Games does not yet have a fixed calendar for the inclusive scenario of League of Legends, the company financially assists the In House Jinx project and has partnered with the Revel ah Casters initiative.

Such partnerships therefore indicate that the producer has long-term plans. Given the victorious trajectory of Pain Gaming in the first edition and with the possible renewal of IGN IS CUP, it is expected that more traditional organizations form female and inclusive lines.

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