Sinistera Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: where you find

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have been available since November 18, 2022, at Nintendo Switch. Although the graphics and performance of the games are target of criticism, the desire to explore Pale and complete their Pokédex does not diminish to enthusiastic fans, especially considering the new creatures that arrived with the ninth generation. Of the 400 Pokémon present in the region you can find a hundred unpublished, but also ancient Pokémon who return, like Sinister.

  • Sinister is necessary to obtain Malicious Armor in Pokémon Violet if you want to evolve your Char cadet to CRUDE.


Where to find Sinister?

  • National Pokédex Number: 854
  • Type: Ghost

Sinister is one of the Pokémon with a rather rare appearance rate. There are only two specific places where you can find them

  • Above the east departure of the village of Alford, at South Province No. 6
  • At East Province No. 3 (right next to Zapping, where is the NPC that allows you to get the armor for Char cadet)

How to evolve Sinister?

Sinister can evolve into poltergeist thanks to a specific item. The use of the item depends, on the other hand, on the shape of your Sinister: counterfeit or authentic. The genuine form has some kind of seal under the glass, and the falsified not.

  • False sinister evolved using a cracked pot
  • Authentic sinister using a chipped pot

Both items can be purchased in Leticia.

Sinister Shiny: How is he?

It is very important to know what the Pokémon Shiny shapes are like in these versions, as no clue will be left on the screen: no string star or sound warning as it happens in Pokémon Legends: Areas. Of course, the color difference is probably enough to differentiate, but sometimes it is complicated for Pokémon with little color change.

  • Sinister Shiny is purple instead of blue.

The chance to find a shiny is 1/4096 in the game, you can optimize this chance with Shiny Charm, which is obtained after completing the entire Pokédex, or with the taste auras of the dishes you eat.

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