Warzone 2: Player gets a double year twice, but finds that bonus is not what looks like

For years, most Call of Duty franchise games have been double XP weekends so that players can evolve rapidly, either for overall progress or to increase the level of their weapons. And when there is no special weekend, there is still the possibility of purchasing double XP tokens that can be found through the battle pass, or some pre-sale bonuses. However, it seems that a player received a whole year of double XP in War zone 2.

This player thinks he has a double year double, but he has no

On Reddit the player wanted to know what was really going on. Using Nick Cranberrycarney, he just asked how and why I have a double-year-old token.


After his question, several users answered that it was certainly the big prize that could be obtained through the different codes of the Mountain Dew drink, this great award one year of Double XP, available not only in Modern Warfare 2, but also in Call of Duty: War zone 2.0.

However, despite this good news, there is a problem… In fact, it is not 365 uninterrupted days of double XP, but an hour/day of double XP for a year.

The announcement was poorly explained as it leaves room for an erroneous interpretation. Also, it is difficult for our player to know if this famous token is already active or not, because in both titles there is no indication whether a token is active or not, not how long.

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