[Landscape] Lets play at Samsung Odyssey and 2022 G -Star Playground!

‘2022 G-STAR (2022 G-Star)’ held in BEX CO, Susan from November 17th to 20th. As of November 18, when the second day was completed, the weather was also relatively fresh. Thanks to this, many visitors visited, and the Susan BEX CO area became the world of gamers.


The biggest difference between the event and the 2022 G-Star will be difficult to miss the BTC, that is, the expansion of the consumer viewing space. In the past, if only the BEX CO Exhibition Hall 1 was used, this year, the space for individual visitors was expanded to the third floor of the second exhibition hall. Thanks to this, it was possible to see a pleasant exhibition compared to many people. Of course, the weekend, which is expected to visit many visitors, may be slightly different.

At the 2nd Exhibition Hall, you can see the G-Star X in Ben Playground (G-Star Playground), which G-Star Organizing Committee and tory are planned to provide a play space for gamers. Visitors visiting the G-Star Playground were able to experience the game with Samsung Odyssey’s 55-inch gaming screens and 4K + 240Hz gaming monitors.

We also visited the Streamer ‘Human Jelly’ in the G-Star Playground, a space where all visitors can enjoy and relax. The photo of Samsung Odyssey John in the G-Star Playground has been prepared along the movement of the human jelly.

In the Arc Zone, it is a space where you can enjoy the game with ‘Samsung Odyssey Arc’ (hereinafter referred to as the arc screen), which is hard to believe in the eyes. The arc screen is a product that attracted the world’s attention in CES 2022, which was held earlier this year, and supports the ability to change the size of the super-screen, the multi view that can be used well, and the screen size can be changed freely according to the taste.

The arc screen, which can feel like a spaceship on a spaceship through the 1000R curvature, has a high-quality display specification of 165Hz at 4K resolution despite being a super-large product. It is also a gaming screen that minimizes light reflection by applying the ‘matte display’ technique.

On one side of the Arc Zone, I was able to play the game on a 55-inch super-large screen, and on the other side, I could experience the arc screen by applying the vertical screen mode and multi view options at the same time.

In Odyssey Zone, you can enjoy the game with the 32-type ‘Samsung Odyssey NEO G8’, which allows you to enjoy 4K (UHD) resolution and 240Hz high-end rate at the same time. It adopts rich color expressions and high contrast VA panels, supporting clear colors that seem to be clearing the eyes, and the NEO G8 is equal to the 1000R curvature, the same as the arc screen.

The performance of the Samsung Odyssey Monitor itself is excellent, but the unique white-based design that comes to mind with the spaceship satisfies the emotions that other products cannot fill. The rear core lightning of the light amount also plays a part.

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