LOL: Boca Juniors Gaming keeps the undefeated streak on the second Date of Supercop

The second Supernova Flow date begins with great clashes within the group that seek to define the most comfortable places within the table after several very intense meetings things become interesting for this new day, now things seek to be defined in this new Facet where any of the squads can take the first position of the tournament.

Starting with the confrontation of Boca Juniors Gaming against 9z where each one began to demonstrate their quality of play in a very closed game where neither side wanted to give in, a battle for the ancestral dragon the purple team managed to secure it thanks to trashy But the pressure of Chord arrives with many minions to finish the game in an epic form.

During the second game River Plate Gaming fights with WAP Esports taking an Ashe/Harder selection for Lac and Ply In the lower part we see a very good line control that keeps the opponents at line to get an early advantage For the WAP team, taking the reins of the match we see that the advantage keeps it to settle the game on the side.

The third contest has a cousin-t facing Boca Juniors Gaming having very couples in each of the lines with a selection similar to the previous starting of Ashe/Harbinger for Hike and Sheba that put a Great mass control in each of the fights to be able to take large amounts of gold to the bag to be able to give the game to the Bonita squad.

In the fourth game we would have a confrontation of River Plate Fight with 9z q that would have a very interesting skill display because thermos would show a very powerful Sandra that would make a difference in the confrontation Being able to erase the rivals quickly creating a wide advantage in the game to be able to take things in their favor and end a victory on their scoreboard.

Finishing the day we see a duel between cousin-t before WAP eSports that would begin with great battles that would keep things couples at the beginning of the encounter, but it would be Lac that managed to generate the advantage with His Lucian to lower the life bar of the opposites on several occasions to be able to settle things on the WAP side and thereby rise with the final triumph.

The action of this date ends with a team of Boca Juniors that remains at the tip of the table with an undefeated score that demonstrates its team quality during this tournament while WAP Esports is placed in Second Position seeking to do the comeback for the next one, now things become interesting because it remains to accommodate Group B in their clashes.

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