God of War Ragnarok Legendary Svartalfheim Backs: Where to Find everyone?

The legendary chests in God of War Ragnarök can make a lot of money. Some of them contain rare equipment , fast runic attacks and heavy and, more generally, all important items that will not be given to you by an of the characters.

Note: At the moment, this guide contains only the chests you can find during your first visit to this kingdom. It will be updated with the latest chests in a few days.

Wet Zone Arranger

You will find the only legendary chest of this region in the small secret area in which the second Corner chest of Waldheim is already hidden. Once in front of the rune-locked chest, climb left and go to the end of the way to collect your reward. Be careful, some enemies will try to block your way.


Modvitnir Extractor

This legendary chest is located in Modvitnir’s extractor, one of the three areas of the game’s first secondary mission (the favor Asgard service). The Legendary Chest item is the first half of a seed required to access the musepelheim crust combat arena.



Although Extractor

Release a narrow passage with the Atreus arrow and release the chain to release the shortcut. Use the wheel one last time to take the hook to the highest level. Climb through the chain, use the hook and press quickly to destroy the opposite wall.

Runic Attack Quick: Fjord Storm

Longhair Island

At the end of Side Quest The Weight of the Chains with Lyngbakhr, you will have access to a small islet placed behind the animal’s tail. Go down the zip line to find the legendary chest.

Equipment: Whispering slab

Open Mines of Jasmina

After the fight that happens after SINDHI gives items to Rates and Atreus, go right until you reach a red hook and pull it. This will change the flow of water and a stone will approach.

Climb the stone and freeze the water so that Rates is taken to the other side of the area. Just jump and use the blades to reach the path that has some items and a legendary chest.


The apple core

To find this chest, just follow the path of history on the apple core. The legendary chest is in the Arena of the fight against the abominable mini-chief.

Equipment: Fortified ice fist

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