Telephone call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare II: Warzone 2.0 Period 1 begins with DMZ

Ready soldiers!
Phone call of Obligation: Modern Warfare II and also Call of Obligation: War zone 2.0 beginnings on November 16 with period 1.
For Telephone call of Responsibility: War zone 2.0 there is the new Al March card, the new DMZ mode, a new Gulag, brand-new vehicles (hefty Held + Hummer eV) as well as new play attributes.
The functions consist of: water battle, circular collapse, nutritional language, brand-new storage stations, outside watching checklist and also integration (BR).

Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 Screenshot Gallery
Telephone call of Task: Modern War II Screenshot Gallery
We continue with new tickets for Modern Warfare II: Hothouse 6VS6 as well as delivery 6VS6 are offered during period 1.
There is also the brand-new RAID mode, the enhanced placement co-op objective and also the CDL Mosh pit.

There is further details in the extensive article.

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