Sword & Shield Simulator, a game where blacksmiths live in the Middle Ages.

A game that lives as a blacksmith in medieval Europe will be released. The game name is , a simulation game produced by Polish game developer Made Studio. It is currently scheduled to launch Steam, and has been recruiting participants in the test since November 1.

In Sword & Shield Simulator, the player first goes to the battlefield to collect. There are equipment all over the battlefield, and it is possible to remove the equipment from the body. When you secure equipment on the battlefield, you can get it without a risk factor. It is a system that can be moved to the workshop by putting the secured equipment in a cart and can be upgraded and customized.

The equipment you import must go through the process of repairing the crushed armor in the workshop. If you have blood on your helmet, you have to wipe your blood. You can also melt equipment such as weapons and armor to create new equipment. The game provides tools for this, and the more you use the tools, the higher your skills.

If the equipment is over, you can sell the equipment to the soldiers on the battlefield. You can help the village or protect the workshop with this money.

Sword & Shield Simulator tests through Steam and supports 11 languages, including Korean.

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