The British IKEA official statement about the large furniture store horror THE STORE IS Close

The British branch from Sweden’s furniture store IKEA (IKEA) is an overseas media on October 31, which appears in the Ziggy-developed survival horror The Store is Closed reminiscent of its own brand. I made a statement through.

The Store is Close is a large furniture store online co-op survival horror, which is related to the fictitious organization SCP Foundation. It has been reported at Kodak the other day that the IKEA infringement of trademark rights is required to change each feature as an infringement of trademark rights because the store that appears in this work is similar from the viewpoint of appearance and furniture. I did it.

According to the report, the word IKEA does not exist on the Steam store and the Kickstarter campaign page (used for tags in official TikTok videos), but other media articles about headlines associated with the brand and this work. It also introduces the public’s evidence as evidence of infringement, and ZIGGY’s developer Jacob Shaw argues that the furniture in the game is an asset that is commonly sold. He said, To revise the entire game of the game to avoid the lawsuit.

According to the statement announced this time, IKEA says, I’m happy that there are people who are inspired by the brand, but I’m focusing on the company’s trademarks and trading dresses incorrectly. In addition, the statement also states that the company had the consent of changing the elements pointed out by the company, and stated that in 2024, when the game was released, it should be solved. 。

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