Unlawful cities, prisoners, and weapons mi -do worldview introduction video disclosure

INTO Games released its new ‘Inorganic Mimi’ promotional video on the 28th.


The weapon beauty, which was released on the 27th, attracted attention as an unprecedented element and a subculture theme that dealt with the stories of the prisoners who had a criminal record, on the unlawful cities and camps. In the global pre-booking, 2 million people were collected in just one month, the first place in the Apple App Store in the pre-download stage, and ranked No. 1 in Google Play in one day.

The video released this time is about one minute, and it contains the chaos city of Hindi Kate and the main character Joy in the game, and expresses an unprecedented worldview. It is a realistic depiction of a city where crime and violence are rugged, and the gang boss Joy appears to be ordered.

In commemoration of the release and launch of the promotional video, an event will be held to obtain S-class prisoners NOX when completing the designated mission within the game. The official Twitter will also hold the PV retweet event, and will receive the iPhone 14 Pro Max 512 GB, the Nintendo Switch OLED, the Goods Gift Box, and the Cultural Gift Certificate.

For more information, please visit the official website.

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