Is an afflict story: Requiem limited to 30 fps on consoles?

The long-awaited an epidemic story: Requiem was released on October 18, 2022, and also offers much more rats and an extension of the history of the de Rune siblings from the first game. This extension of A Plague Story: Innocence from 2019 has actually made the jump to the present generation equipment, as it is not offered to the Equipment of the previous generation such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

It is brought out on the latest pc gaming equipment, reports suggest that a torment story: Requiem on PlayStation 5 and also Xbox Series X is blocked at 30 fps without any kind of performance mode alternative being offered.

which structure rate runs a Ester story: Requiem?

It is interesting that gamers with 120 Hz-capable TV can play the game in 120 Hz mode, which opens an additional 10 FPS, which makes this 40-FPS mode the very best alternative for console players that play this game with the greatest Wish to play structure price.

Because the video game has freedom of framework from the beginning, computer gamers don’t have to worry that they are closed to 30 fps. The video of ElanalistaBits reveals a number of graphics cards that do a Ester tale: Requiem with 60 fps to the real top as well as over 200 fps on one of the most effective equipments.

A epidemic story: Requiem is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Collection X, Xbox Series S & Computer as well as on Nintendo Switch using a cloud version.

As you can see above, most of the gamers will certainly have a 30-FPS experience on a common TV, without an option for a 60-FPS efficiency setting that has actually become a type of basic function in video games in recent years.

In spite of all these discussions about the structure rate, it is clear that the game is still superior. We rated the game in our A Plague Story: Requiem test with full five celebrities, without unfavorable experiences as a result of performance troubles.

However, the entire truth is not so very easy because the video games were examined on every console that ran in 120 Hz mode as well as was output on a 120-Hz-capable TV. Below is the complete break-down of the statistics.


A contrast video clip released by YouTuber ElanalistaBits has revealed the performance of a torment tale: Requiem on all platforms (except the cloud variation of Nintendo Switch) what the surprising truth shows: Yes, the video game is closed on consoles at 30 fps.

  • Xbox Collection S: 1080p/30FPS | 40FPS on 120Hz
  • Xbox Collection X: 1440p/30FPS | 40FPS on 120Hz
  • PS5: 1440P/30FP | 40FPS on 120Hz
  • COMPUTER: 2160p with freelanced structure rate

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