A Plague Tale: Requiem – 6 tips for starting

In this tips guide to a plague tale: Requiem you can find out:

  • Why you have to master the slingshot
  • What you should pay attention to with the knife and crossbow
  • How your companion uses correctly

Alicia and Hugo are back and experience in a Plague Tale: Requiem demanding puzzle, stealth and fighting performances. In order for you all to survive, we will give you the most important tips and tricks ** for starting your hand in this guide.

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tricks to sneak: only fight if it has to be

In a plague Tale: Requiem, Alicia has significantly more skills and equipment than in the predecessor. In the course of the game you will learn new techniques to defend yourself against attackers. You can also keep people and rats at a distance with alchemy.

The new crossbow and the knife are deadly weapons, but you can rarely use it. Blades and the bolts necessary for the crossbow are only sparsely distributed in the area. In addition, they quickly attract attention from other guards.

Therefore, mainly relies on sneaking and tries to largely avoid direct confrontations **. Despite her combat experience, Alicia is still a young girl and most opponents are physically inferior. At the latest when you are dealing with several soldiers at the same time, your chances-especially in the first hours of play-are around zero.

lifts knives for locked workbenches

If Alicia carries a knife with her, she can use it to kill a soldier in close combat . This works either as a last way out during a direct confrontation or as a Michel attack if you sneak behind. As useful as it may be, you should only use the knives well.

They break off after one-time use. In addition, you will always find special workbenches that can only be opened with a knife . If you don’t wear any, you miss an opportunity to upgrade your equipment. In addition, useful items like the pieces required for upgrades lie in the closed workbenches.

The slings hings are your most important weapon-it masters it

Despite the mighty new weapons and skills, your is and remains the most important tool Alicia’s Schneider. In the fight you do archers from a distance and soldiers without head protection. You can also blow up explosive barrels with your slingshot or distract opponents.

In addition to the unlimited stones, you can also load the slingshot with alchemy . Igniter is particularly important. For example, you set fire to glowing coals or lanterns and protect yourself from rats.

While the selection bike for the equipment and ammunition calls you, the time slows down. Use this mechanics in dangerous situations to think about a tactic.

If you insert your slingshot, make sure that you don’t whirl her . The longer Alicia she hurls, the lesser the shot becomes. If, on the other hand, she hurls her too short, the goal fails to make its effect.

high grass is not only there to hide

During the stealth inserts, high grass offers you protection from the eyes of the patrols. However, grasses are not only there for your security. Occasionally, a secret or a passage hides to a hidden place. Load the slingshot with Igniter and burn down the scrub when you believe that something useful is hidden behind it.

Tips on the skills of your companions in a plague Tale: Requiem

In some sections of A Plague Tale: Requiem you are not on your own. In addition to Alicia’s little brother and the Lucas, known from part one, are occasionally supported by other companions. Each of them has special skills and can save you life with it-use it.

Even with puzzle inserts, your companions are often worth gold. Some gate or mechanism can only be opened in a team ** or set in motion. Send Hugo, Lucas and the others to cranks or levers so that you can free your hands yourself.

you don’t miss any collectibles: Caution in front of heavy doors

In a plague tale: Requiem there are four types of collectibles: flowers, feathers and memories are listed in the code after finding. They are hidden in the calm passages of the game. Keep your eyes open after branches, special stands on the markets or secret chambers.

** Hidden chests, on the other hand, are also distributed in areas where you have to fight against soldiers or rats. Therefore, this area always combines extensive.

Most of the time they end with a heavy iron door that locks Alicia behind. A return is not possible . Therefore, always think well whether you have collected everything important before you open it.

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