NFL: Deshaun Watson taken legal action against by more woman for abuse

courts in texas forwent a criminal charge, at 23 of the 24 females Watson agreed out of court. Watson is as a result enabled to play for the browns on December 4 at the earliest.

Watson played at the Houston Texans at the time and relocated to the Cleveland Browns after last season, who, despite the then recognized lawsuits of 24 ladies, offered him a five-year contract worth $240 million.

This emerges from a civil suit submitted to a court in Houston, about which the United States information firm AP reported on Thursday (neighborhood time). According to this, the currently 27-year-old playmaker is stated to have actually required the lady to foreplay after a massage in a resort area in 2020.


The currently blocked NFL Quarterback DeShawn Watson is claimed to have sexually mistreated an additional woman in a formerly unidentified situation.

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