Unfortunately, Robbie Coltrane has died at 72 years

Today is a day of mourning for the world of movies, but especially for fans of the saga of Harry Potter, especially with those who have taken a genuine affection for the character of Hagrid . And it was recently reported the unfortunate death of Robbie Coltrane , Scottish actor that gave life to the movies to the semi-giant magic.

The first television successes of Coltrane include Flash Gordon, Black adder and Keep It in the family . His other comedy programs include series such as to Kick up the Eighties, The Comic Strip and Alfresco or when he became a pillar of British television screens. However, the role that led to the reflectors was that of Rubens Hagrid .

For its part, one of the most prominent papers of Coltrane was to interpret L Dr. Edward Fitz Fitzgerald, An antisocial criminal psychologist with a gift to solve crimes, in the series Cracker d E Jimmy McGovern **, which developed in 25 episodes between 1993 and 2006.

For now, the reason behind his death has not been mentioned, so you should expect a few more days to know what happened, the only thing that is known is that his life ended at 72.


Via : The Hollywood Reporter

Editor’s note : Without a doubt, it is a painful moment for the history of cinema, since it is an actor and comedian of the highlight. Personally, I place it a lot for being Hagrid’s good-natured. Rest in peace lord Coltrane.

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