Overwatch 2 Reasons why allies cannot be recovered lists attract attention. Ained Healing Net Meam reminiscent of the heyday

Overseas users of Overwatch 2 have become a hot topic for reasons why support heroes cannot recover your ally. Behind this list is likely to have an environment and an online missing surrounding the support hero in the previous work Overwatch.

Overwatch 2 is an online match FPS game handled by Blizzard Entertainment (hereinafter BLIZZARD). It was released on October 5 as a basic play free title as a sequel to Overwatch, which gained popularity. In this work, the number of competitors from 6 to 6 to 5-5 has been changed, existing heroes are adjusted, and new heroes are added.


Is there any reason when you can’t recover your allies?

In this work, there are three types of heroes: tank/damage/support. The support hero is characterized by the fact that allies can be recovered. This time, a certain image related to a support type hero has become a hot topic on Twitter overseas. The image quoted by Twitter user Moneylender.

The image includes the image of a support hero such as Lucio/Mercy/Ana/Kenyatta, and the title is Why did you recover you? Below that, there are a reasons why support players did not recover other players or could not. The details are as follows:

  • Because I can’t see you
  • Because it was already dead or was back from the spawn point
  • Even though it was recovered, you just didn’t notice
  • Because you were on the other side of the wall
  • Because you are not still
  • In my case, the tank recovery priority is high, and you are not a tank

  • If you are a tank, you only have been damaged less than 10 % of your physical strength.
  • Because you are away from the place where you are solidified by the team
  • Even if you are solidified by the team, the whole team is leaving the payload and I have to carry it alone, so as usual
  • Because I’m irritated. Yes, especially for you

Moneylender introduced this image as the most laughing image in history. Supported hero players are trying to deal with excuses instead of playing well, he said in the description in the image. He posted a screenshot on the in-game performance screen, saying he was mainly using the support hero. In anticipation of users’ rebuttal, the intention is to show that they have a certain understanding of the support hero.

Some opinions are appropriate

Moneylender’s tweet has commented on his own experience from various users. There are some opinions that some images make sense. For example, the user below states that the image claim is reasonable, and it is often found that it is not possible to recover due to the position of allies.

Basically, it is difficult to recover a hero who cannot be seen. Although Kenyatta’s harmony orbs can be recovered even if they are not visible, if they are required to recover, they still need to be recognized by the other party. For those reasons, the above users may have seen a reasonable description of the points such as cannot be seen on allies and the allies were on the other side of the wall.

In addition, there are users who negatively see such opinions. He shows the opinion of Change the position (Reposition) and refute the description of the image. Regarding each reason that allies cannot be recovered, the views of the support hero seem to have a significant view among users.

On the other hand, the cause of recovery is diverse. This is a game that will compete in a 5-to-five team game, and in the battle, the enemy and ally will be disrupted. Since the war situation changes every moment, the cause of unable to recover tends to be complex. Another strategy is to kill or hinder enemy support heroes and hinder the opponent’s recovery. It is a natural flow as a game system that some scenes that cannot be recovered/cannot be recovered.

Recovery is required

And keep in mind that the images quoted by Moneylender seemed to have been created in the previous work overwatch environment and community culture. In this work, there is also a communication function in addition to the chat. From some preset messages, you can convey various situations to allies. Among them, the message I need Healing is mainly used for allies.

This message has been regarded as a problem by the user in the previous work. This message was reported to be used in a row for the purpose of excessive recovery to support heroes and criticized the play. I NEED HEALING is also recognized as a NEED HEALING between domestic and overseas players, and the image of I NEED HEALING in particular is strongly established. In many cases, the message could be called in the net memory (Know Your Meme).

Genii is often operated in a position that is far away from allies, and it is easy to be able to recover from support heroes for the above reasons. In some cases, some Genii players would have called I Need Healing as a supported hero as an unreasonable request. In addition, Genii, who tends to repeat injuries and recovery, may have given the impression of frequent recovery. On the other hand, in Japan, the call on the BLIZZARD official forum has been pointed out as a problem.

In the previous work environment of 6 to 6, there were many teammates that were subject to heels than this work, which was 5 to 5, and there were relatively many requests for recovery. In other words, it can be said that the hint to the support hero was stronger than overwatch 2. It can also be confirmed that images posted by Moneylender were posted on 9GAG, an overseas SNS in 2017. The image is an image created in the previous work Overwatch, which has a different environment surrounding support. It may be thought that the user at the time had created an unreasonable message from other players.

In this case, the popularity of Overwatch 2 has attracted attention for images that can be called negative heritage from the previous work. The game system has changed, with the number of teams changing in this work. The claim in the image may not comply with the current system. Also, the hint to the system support hero may have changed since then.

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