The number of conversations of Bethesda Space RPG Starfield has more than 250,000 lines. Friezaweight Yabasa and Cyberpunk 2077 localization are also scary

On October 12, Bethesda Soft works released videos related to RPG Star field currently being developed. Director TODD HOWARD revealed information about the content of the work. People involved in the media and games seem to be amazed about the enormous amount of dialogs (conversational sentences) in this work.

Star field is a completely new work in 25 years as a studio developed by Bethesda Game Studios, who has worked on the The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. Set in the future about 300 years ago, players will conduct a spectacular adventure in the universe to solve the largest mystery of humanity as a member of the Constellation organization. HOWARD reported that this work is expected to have a high degree of freedom and a huge amount of content, and for example, there are more than 1000 species in the game (related article).

And on October 12, a new video was released on how to talk about the contents of Star field. One of the most noted is the mention of the number of lines in the conversation sentence in this work. According to him, the number of conversations in Star field exceeds 250,000 lines. The infographic shown in the video states that more than 252,953 lines. Compared to the studio past work, it seems that more than four times that of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (about 60,000 lines), more than twice as Fallout 4 (about 110,000 lines). Both works are the title of traveling in a vast open world with many characters and quests. In the first place, Star field is much higher than the conversational literature of both works that can be enjoyed.

There are many people who can’t hide their surprise in this extraordinary sentence. Overseas media magazines have reported this topic, and users and industry officials are responding. For example, Mr. Honda, who served as Japan Country Manager at CD Project Red and also worked on Japanese localization of Cyberpunk 2077, commented on SNS. He described him as where Ra ditz and Napa were the opponent, but the level of Frieze came.

The above-mentioned example is an expression that is comparable to the manga and anime Dragon Ball. Speaking of the fighting power in the setting of the work, Honda’s Ra ditz is 1500 and Napa is 4000. On the other hand, Frieze boasts 530,000 combat power, which is literally an order of magnitude different at the time of Frieze. In other words, Frieze hits the reader and viewer of the horror of tremendously different digits through her fighting power. Comma said that he had the same horror of Howard, saying, The number of conversations in Star field is more than 250,000 lines.

And Honda is also a person who has also worked on Japanese localization of Cyberpunk 2077. The work itself boasts a huge volume of the conversation sentence that will not be tens of thousands of lines. Even Mr. Honda, who worked on such a large-scale localization, strongly described it as the level where Frieze comes.


Howard also mentions the contents of the Star field conversation system in this video. According to that, a persuasion system was introduced in conversation with the character. It has been suggested that the lower the probability of success, the higher the persuasive point. In addition, the dialog of this work seems to be a mechanism with a wide option and depth. Such a design may also lead to an extraordinary sentence amount. I would like to expect future information disclosure to what other extra parts have this work.

Star field will be released in the first half of 2023 for PC/Xbox Series X | S.

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