All shelters in sunny meadows in phasmophobia

Both Sunny Meadows, and Sunny Meadows Restricted Homophobia card have many shelters. Sunny Meadows is the largest card in the game with 69 rooms on two floors. The entrances to each wing can be blocked during the hunt, so players need to know where to hide in each part of the card. These are all places that players can hide in a psychiatric hospital Sandy Medium in homophobia.

Each shelter in a psychiatric hospital of the sun’s meadows with homophobia

There are two wings sun meadows both on the first floor and in the basement, which can be locked during the hunt. Outside these wings there is the middle region on both floors, covering most of the map. Several Easter eggs are hidden between the floors, which give hints about what happened to the inhabitants inside. In each area there are several shelters, the number of which decreases when playing at higher levels of complexity, so players need to know where they can all be. This is where you can find every shelter in every area of the sun’s meadows.

Sunny Meadows: Shelters on the first floor

The first floor covers central area of the sun’s meadows and both left and also correctly wings of the object. The central part is one large circle, and the left and right wings are large corridors that stretch in both directions. The central part can be divided into left , correctly and also kitchen areas. All caches in central access to the region is possible if players are not blocked during the hunt.

The first shelter that players can find is in office K left when the players enter. Cabinet inside, behind which players can hide on the left side of the room.

K left belonging chapel in the very first room there is a couple cabinets behind which players can hide to the left of the door.

Following the corridor in left wing inside the room of the first patient is Bed hull standing behind which players can hide.

In the end the left wing is regiment behind which players can hide. He is located next to the entrance to the offices.

On the left side of the institution, without going into the left wing and remaining in central square The first door opens in loosening where players can hide behind Book cabinet to the left of the door.

School class collapsed Book shelf behind which players can hide. This is opposite the left entrance to yard .

To the left of kitchen this dining room where players can hide behind regiment in the right corner of the room.

In the corner kitchen two stoves . In the one that is closer to the farthest part of the kitchen, there is a set of barrels behind which players can hide.

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In laundry players can hide behind washing machine . This shelter works better when hunting ghosts at normal speed. Ghosts, like Khan can be able to catch players because they are fast.

In ward of the patient by means ofthe right entrance belonging yard est chest of drawers * behind which players can hide to the right of the room.

The pantry found to the right of chapel before going to the right wing has a shelter right behind a bunch of boxes to the left of the room.

In the right wing , the fourth ward * there is a bed behind which players can hide.

At the end of the right wing is office that players can use bookshelf to hide. This is far behind the right.

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shelters in the Sunny Meadows basement

There are three basements inputs to which players can access. One is located at the entrance, immediately behind the persistent service, which is accessed through the door on the left. Two other entrances are in left as well as right wings closer to the end of their corresponding corridors. Players cannot leave the wing during the hunt, as the ghost blocks the entrances to hold them in this part of the card.

When you go in basement from input of the institution there is regiment both at the base of the stairs and outside in the corridor, behind which players can hide. At the base of the stairs to right wing the entrance to the basement is curtain behind which players can also hide.

In Office B the center of the basement there is a big cabinet that players can hide next to some documents for documents.

At the end of the corridor on left side belonging basement before going to left wing this is a medical cabinet. Players can hide behind septum for curtains inside.

In Operating inthe left wing belonging basement this curtain behind which players can hide. Such a curtain can also appear on entrance * to the left wing, immediately outside the door.

At the very end left wing in basement this is morgue . A pair cabinets can be found on the right side of the room in which players can hide.


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