Warframe amalgam mods, an explanation and how to get

Amalgam Mods is mods that usually sacrifice some of their main characteristics for the sake of additional characteristics that you usually will not find in their analogues. Although their use varies depending on your assembly, it is still good to take them, at least to hold on to them. Below we have collected a short guide for all 9 Amalgam mods and where they can be obtained at Warframe.

Amalgam Modes, details

Amalgam modifications are two types: Universal and Weapon Augment.

Universal Modes of Amalgams for Weapons

These mods are suitable for any weapon that are suitable for their standard analogues.

Amalgam diffusion in barrels *±110 multishot, +60% Overlie speed
Destruction of the organs of Amalgam ±85% to critical damage, +60% to the speed of closing heavy attacks
Amalgam shelling from the shotgun ±85% to rate of fire, +48% to the recovery speed
* Amalgam Serial ±155% to damage, +25% to running speed

All these mods can be obtained by participating in fractures of the term event on Valley of spheres, Venus . Please note that Thermal Fractures event is not always available. Usually it returns a few weeks after the last appearance. Be sure to follow this.

Special Fashion Amalgams for Weapons

These mods work only with the weapons indicated in their names. Unlike the above universal mods, secondary effects tend to be more significant, providing bonuses for a particular weapon.

Amalgam Argon *±3 piercing through, the damage from the daggers reduces the armor by +6, enemies are found through piercing through
The target of Amalgam Daily has been obtained ±75% to the multiplier of the shot in the head, +3% for vampires on Niklas, 60% chance to choose used arrows
Amalgam Fur ax Body Count ±15 to the duration of the Combo, +45% to the rate of fire for secondary weapons, the murders in close combat impose the status of the explosion and stagger enemies within 15 meters.
Deformation of the magazine Amalgam Pavlov *-store capacity +45%, chance of calculating combo +100% when blocking with a shield
Amalgam rips True Steel *±187% to the chance of a critical blow (X2 for heavy attacks), +20% to the speed of rebounds of shotgun, +100% to the chance of celled blood


These mods can be obtained by killing Royalist boss in his node of murder on Jupiter. Please note that you need to fill out prologue chimera the main quest to get access to it.

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