Bihavier Interactive, Game of Thrones: BEYOND The Wall released

Behavior Interactive is the Gaea Mobile Limited and HBO®, co-developed and serviced by the company, on the 28th, Google Play and Apple App Store on the 28th. It was announced today.

‘Beyond the Wall’ is a mobile collection RPG that collects newly designed characters and can defeat powerful enemies with enhanced core combat systems with numerous strategies.

In particular, the game story is based on the Winners of the Emmy Award, which is based on the main characters and events of the drama.

■ Storyline and new gameplay

48 years before the start of the Game Series of the Thrones, the story of the game begins as commander Branden Reverse disappears over the barrier. The player must find out what happened to Sir Rivas and reveal the hidden mystery in the story.

In addition, you need to collect the characters, defeat the enemy, level up, and discover new characters to recruit elite squads. As you progress, you can immerse yourself in a wild fantasy game with free and exciting play.

■ Completely changed combat system

He left the chess system and focused on the new combat system. You need to discover the special abilities of each hero, design a combat strategy, and build a variety of squads to command in fierce combat scenarios.

■ Game Squad Organization of the Player’s Thrones

John Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Mexican Are, and Jamie Lannister, you can gather the various versions of your favorite characters and a number of new heroes from this special story line to form a Westeros squad. The player upgrades his own squad and has equipment, and then confronts the enemy over the wall, where a grand journey will be unfolded.

■ New Story Campaign

The story campaign, which is different from the previous one, allows you to feel a mysterious and unique atmosphere. The magnificent journey begins in an unknown world that unfolds beyond the barrier.

■ Unlock your skills in the PVP battle

Collect the squad and fight with other players in various PVP systems and aim for the top bankers. Show your strength against the game squad of the best throne.

■ Keep the boss together

Together with friends or other road commander, you can compose a unit to defeat the boss that threatens the defense line. You can also help each other to accelerate the growth of the hero, and you can defeat the giants and beasts and earn valuable rewards.

Jason Milena, the chief creative director of Behavior Interactive, said, Like the previous work, this renewed title continues to be inspired in the vast world, which is essential for the identity of the game of the thr1. We will remind the moments again, he said. It was an interesting experience that I wanted to hurry up with the players to maintain the prototype and complexity of the worldview while reconstructing the new gameplay.

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